Hyperping Status Pages

Beautifully simple monitoring and status page service

Hyperping combines your uptime monitoring with a simple, beautiful and customisable status page. Get alerts and react before your users notice, communicate about an incident or a scheduled maintenance to your customers through email and SMS notifications!
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Hi 😸hunters! I am sooo excited (mostly scared) to finally and officially launch the Status Page product! Hyperping combines instant alerting whether you prefer email, SMS or Slack notifications, with a simple, beautiful status page to let your users know about ongoing issues in real time. Today, most businesses rely on 2 different, unnecessarily complex and 🤑 pricey solutions that should do very simple things: be alerted when something goes wrong, and communicate transparently with its customers. Here are some of the cool features included: 🎨Customisable Match your brand with your logo, color and more ✉️ Email & SMS subscribers: Let anyone who visits your status page the option to subscribe by email or phone number to your status updates to receive: - notifications when you publish an update - instant notifications when one of your services is having issues 🔧Maintenance window: Allows you to pause monitors for a certain period of time to prevent impacting their uptimes while letting know your users. 📱Twilio integration: Connect your own Twilio account to send SMS to your subscribers, and keep control of your billing 🌈Custom subdomain with 🔒SSL support (HTTPS) And of course, Hyperping primarily monitors all of your sites, APIs and assets in real time, and send you private alerts to you and your teammates when downtime occurs I've been in the making of Hyperping for 2 years now and had recently quit (fired but 🤫) my job to go full time on this super challenging product which I love! If you're curious, I publicly share business metrics and insights on Twitter. The financial health such as the MRR, churn and revenue of the company is available at https://hyperping.baremetrics.com! - Leo
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Congrats on the launch Leo!! We've been super happy customers with Slite for a while, hyperping is an awesome service 👏
@christophepas Hello Christophe 🙌Thanks a lot for all the support and amazing feedback 🤩
We moved our status page https://status.hunter.io and couldn't be happier. Léo is continually improving the service, which feels very reassuring. Can't wait to see what he comes up with next! I would highly recommend 👌
@antoinefink Super happy and proud to work with you too 😻Thanks Antoine!
Love the product, early user! 🚀
@mikerubini Hey Mike! Thank youuu
Congrats on the launch dude! As usual, amazing work especially on design and simplicity 😉
@quentindty Thanks you my man! 👊