The limitless web hosting platform.

Hyperpage is a customer focused web hosting platform powered by 100% solid state storage built to handle any kind of web hosting demand. Our SLA backed up time and marvelous customer support will ensure that your website stays online no matter how big your traffic is.

We deliver the top-notch service we have promised to deliver by the means of our web hosting service which is a feature-packed platform. The features we have are in sync with technology as it constantly evolves. These features include LiteSpeed, Web Server, CloudLinux, Let’s Encrypt, Website Builder, Cloudflare and even much more.

How are we different from other web hosts?

You might be wondering what makes us different from other web hosts in the market, aren't you? at Hyperpage we are only focused on hosting websites and we design our services according to it and we try our best to personally take care of each and every customer and will go above and beyond to solve your complex demands by designing hosting solutions exclusively to suit your demand. At Hyperpage your website won't just be another account among thousands of account on the server because ever website hosted within our infrastructure means a lot to us no matter how big or small it is, our only goal is to keep your website online no matter what without compromising performance.

Try us today and if you are not satisfied with our service we will offer you a full refund within first 14 days.

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CPanel hosting services are hunt-worthy now? The number of fake reviews, padded votes, etc on Product Hunt are increasing at an alarming rate. Maybe Product Hunt should be renamed to PR Hunt.
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@etc I just tweeted @rrhoover about a plant identifying app from last week that was a total scam. Seems this is going to be a recurring trend of shit making its way into PH. Also same deal. Hunted and made by same person.
@itsthisjustin sorry, I miss many of my Twitter mentions now days. Are you referring to this app? I'd recommend adding a comment or review if the app doesn't work as advertised so others are made aware.
@rrhoover yeah that’s the one. I think there becomes kind of an ethical or positioning question though. PH has a duty to its users. This isn’t something that should be pushed off on the community to police. It’s kind of the same conversation happening right now with Twitter spam. If you’re not going to have a completely open platform where anyone can post to the front page, then someone should be vetting products before PH features them. It took 2 seconds for me to see that Plant app was trash and the reviews were fake. I come to PH BECAUSE it’s always been a source of solid products that the community loved. To see stuff like this continually show up just means I now have to think twice before I hit that Get It button.
@itsthisjustin I appreciate the feedback, Justin! We’ll explore more scalable ways to address issues like you’re describing.
y'all need to seriously fix your site for mobile.
@akingcreative good thing they specialize in hosting, not designing.
@akingcreative @mmcspiritt That's an awful attitude to have though. That's like saying your plumber can come to your house on a golf cart, shirtless & chewing tobacco. Just because he specializes in fixing pipe doesn't mean they don't still have to worry about appearance and professionalism.
@itsthisjustin not sure if you caught the sarcasm. Either way, Hyperpage probably shouldn't have this many up votes
@mmcspiritt ha no I definitely didn’t catch it. I was already on a tirade for this and similar crap being so highly upvoted. #russianbots
Limitless hosting doesn't exist which is why you have limits on storage.
Anyone used this? How's the performance/server response time?
Ah yes, the company that failed to provide it’s annual returned has being forced into administration, yet still accepts new orders...