Instantly identify plants. Accurate, fast and content rich! In addition to description and plant care tips, enjoy beautiful plant pictures around the world. Simply take a photo of the plant, PictureThis answers all the questions for you.
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Hello Product Hunters, We are very pleased to introduce you PictureThis, an amazing and popular app since it appeared. It is an AI plant identification leader which appeared before Google Lens, the AlphaGo in the field of plant identification, the plant expert lives in the iPhone. By the way, we sincerely hope that PictureThis can get your attention . 1. We believe it is the best plant identification app. By using advanced AI and deep learning technology, PictureThis can capture the plant features and recognize what that plant is instant. PictureThis can identify more than 4000 plants and the accuracy rate is up to 84%, within seconds. Not only identification, we also added other features like Map Channels, Wallpaper Recommendation, Ranking List, Identifying Community to provide more choices for our users. 2.It's helpful and useful. The main functions [1] Identify plants instantly within one second. [2] Share the beautiful plants with the world. [3] Discover plants distribution on the map. [4] A richly varied number of plant wallpapers [5] Plant experts help you identify plants [6] The most professional and interesting plant community 3. Our team believes that best recommendations come from the feelings of users. We believe that a good user experience meets and exceeds the user’s expectations. We also believe that App Store and PictureThis have a common goal: make more users feel better. And PictureThis, which has entertaining and educational function has appeared different kinds of users. PictureThis has been recommended to users for more than 10 times in App Store different regions like Australia, Russia, France and so on. A Story Behind PictureThis Summer 2015, Matt, CTO in our company, brought his son to the park. His son pointed a flower and asked him, What’s this plant, daddy? He didn’t know. As a programmer father, he decided to develop an app which can help people identify plants. PictureThis was born and its features of kid-friendly, educational, accurate are welcomed by the majority of users.
Tried it. It worked 👍
It’s such a nice idea! I’ll check the app right away.
@1337en Thank you! Hope you will enjoy it.
Where have you been all my life? I started using it and found out that many people around me have been using it for a while too! This is great! Thanks for building this
@gary_torres Thank you for sharing our app! In order to give users better experience and help plant lover know more plants and cultivate plants, PictureThis is developing new functions now!

Totally free! Good job.


PictureThis is the most fast and accurate plant identification app I have ever used. And the details about the plant is quite interesting.


Sometimes, the network may effect the speed.