Livestream of hyperlapse videos combined with chill music

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This is awesome, I love it. Spent at least an hour yesterday mesmerized by it. I always end up checking out the location in the beginning but end up missing a few seconds of the video. It'd be nice to have the location more prominently shown. I think part of the beauty is that you get to see all of these glimpses from people all around the world.
@kickingthetv Thanks Bryan - for everything! Putting the location in context was a challenge during development. Instagram provides the name if a person picked a location in the app, but about half of all location posts just have the raw coordinates. I was lucky to find a Node package (https://github.com/teleportd/cou...) that can do country-level reverse geocoding without using an external API. If I added a map to the interface, though, then I think I can use Google or Mapquest's API without any issues - I'll look into it!
I love this, so simple, and so engaging. It feels a bit voyeuristic, too.
Cool hack! Could totally be some background noise/visuals for an artsy event
This is mesmerizing. It reminds me of Vpeeker, a site that auto-plays recently created Vine videos in an infinite stream. cc @xenophin
The music matches so well. It's amazing to me how professionally produced the results appear when a good sequence of videos hits. Like a music video. Would be interesting to see what people would create if they could add a filter for the clips and share the result.
@tacomanator Thank you! Filtering was part of the original plan, but I held off in v1.0 - primarily because there's just barely enough plain #hyperlapse content to sustain a real-time stream. Showing older videos for less popular tags could be okay, depending on how many are available. I'm hoping Hyperlapse will become more popular so I have more content to work with either way!
@andrewtorkbaker I thought that might be the case.. if you decide to add it in the future, perhaps a filtered stream doesn't necessarily need to be real-time if there are not enough results...