Get push notifications when your links get clicked

#4 Product of the DayOctober 29, 2019
Create links that send you push notifications when they're clicked
- Real time push notifications on click
- Custom URL slugs
- Custom domain support
- Editable destination urls
- Support for QR codes that notify on scan
- Slack message support with API
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I've been building Hyperlink for the last month and am excited to share it with the Product Hunt community! My goal is to make an analytics tool that easy to use on mobile and accessible to everyone. Hyperlink answers the question: "Are people clicking on my link?" It's still early, and there are a lot of features I'd like to add - like full blown Slack notification support, daily digests, anomaly detection & better notification settings. I'd love your early feedback on the product so I can incorporate into my roadmap as I continue building!
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Love the simplicity of product and excellent explainer GIF. Although I'm not 100% sure of the use case beyond satisfying one's curiosity. Curious what use cases you've seen so far with the tool, @siggi.
@siggi @rrhoover +1! The Reddit AMA use case mentioned by @craig_haseler above is an interesting one 🤔
@siggi @rrhoover @amrith It's been a great tool to get quick zero-config insights into links we post without going through the mess that is most analytics setup. Super easy to deploy, get intuitive feedback, and move on, without wasting time. I have it hooked up to slack with the Zapier integration so the whole team can see.
@rrhoover A lot of small businesses just want to know if they're wasting their time spending hours posting links on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Hyperlink answers that question pretty easily for non-tech savvy users. Other use cases I've seen: - Getting notified when someone clicks on the link in your Instagram bio - Seeing if a co-worker actually clicked on the link you sent them - Getting an idea of where your users are located geographically - Seeing if your referral links are being shared through iMessage (we do some user agent parsing to detect this) - Sending yourself custom push notifications with the API You could imagine more insights being built on top of this stream of clicks. For example, you could get notified when you start getting inbound traffic from a new referral source - or you have some anomalous traffic coming in that you want to investigate.
@rrhoover @amrith @craig_haseler The Zapier integration (http://hypr.ink/zapier) definitely opens up what you can do with the product. Hoping to build those most common Zapier use cases back into the core of the app.
@siggi @amrith @craig_haseler the Zapier integration is smart and opens up a ton of use cases.
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Really useful tool, using it on Reddit AMA to track users clicking on our links in real time.
@craig_haseler Thank you Craig! I'd love to hear any feedback you have or ideas you have for making the product better!
Congrats on launch Siggi!
@jrdngonen Thanks for the support Jordan! Definitely taking inspiration from all of your incredible products.
Love being able to easily see when/from where people click on my links! It's nothing I couldn't discover with an analytics platform, but being able to see it in realtime allows me to draw conclusions faster than I would otherwise.
@jibben Thanks for the feedback Jibben! Totally agree that the realtime feedback is the killer feature. Tighter feedback loops!