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Hutsy is a new way to buy a home for the modern home buyer.
Home buying has been stuck in the previous century, leading to unnecessary costs and stress. So we built a new experience that is streamlined, convenient and transparent at no additional cost!
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Hey PH! I’m Abhi, and together with @rashidaziz, we’re glad to be back with Hutsy! (Thanks for hunting us @katmanalac!!!) We launched about 8 months ago here on PH, and through a series of iterations to figure out what exactly we (millennials who grew up in the tech world who expect a level of convenience in everything we do) need and want, we’ve finally landed on something we’re very excited to share with you today! Hutsy is a new way to buy a home that is streamlined, convenient and transparent. 💔💔💔 Problem: Complex and opaque process: What almost feels like a black box process behind the scenes, the home buying process in inherently tedious and stressful Fragmentation: There are many third parties that you have to deal with during the home buying process, and for each, you may be presented with different options of whom to pick. For someone new or inexperienced with home buying, all of this gets very overwhelming very quickly. Misaligned incentives: Most brokerages don’t work for you - they hire thousands of agents to scale and you end up being lost as just a statistic. When you’re dealing with other large entities like banks and insurance, this is scary. 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾 Solution: Aligned incentives: For the first time, we’re aligning incentives between brokerage, agents and home buyers. We automate and remove the burden of paperwork and customer acquisition from the agent so that they get to spend more time with you! End-to-end local concierge: We help you hand-pick the best agents, lenders, lawyers, inspectors (and every other third party you need to interact with) and present them as options to you. We’re putting our brand at stake so that you are assured a consistently amazing experience every time, anywhere. Smooth & transparent process: With the careful infusion of tech into the process, we’ve eliminated redundant back and forth. Manage your entire home buying process on browser or app. Search, schedule showings, create & submit offers, and sign & close directly on the Hutsy platform. Essentially, buying a home with Hutsy feels exactly like what buying a home in 2020 should like - absolutely amazing ;) 🐱🐱🐱 Who is this for: We’re launching Hutsy in Austin, Los Angeles, New York City, Miami, Portland, San Antonio, Seattle, SF Bay Area, with more markets to come soon. We’ve seen two types of home buyers that are most excited about Hutsy so far: - You’re a young/tech-savvy individual who’s looking for their first home and are scared to dip your toes into the gnarly real estate world - You’re a semi-serious/pro real estate investor and need a way to purchase property across markets (you live in NYC but want to buy in LA for example), but don’t have contacts in other markets (this can also work well for example if you currently live in NYC and are moving to LA and want to purchase ahead of the official move) Importantly, you get to enjoy all of this for free! We represent you as the buyer’s agent and are paid for by the seller at the usual market rate, so you get to enjoy all of Hutsy’s services at absolutely no cost! We invite you to join us on Hutsy if you’re in the process of buying a home/looking to buy a home in the next 6 months, or if you think Hutsy will be a great fit for anyone you know who’s currently house-hunting. Sign up today with the code HutsyPH2020 and we’ll send you 0.1% of the property purchase price back to you upon closing ($1000 on a $1M house)! If you’ve any thoughts on home buying or have recently gone through the process and want to share how we can improve on your experience, we would love to chat! Please leave a comment below :) PS: With regards to COVID19, we're encouraging our home buyers not to put themselves at risk, and focus on shopping around for homes online instead while the situation settles down.
It is made of a team of young committed members who are determined to deliver the promised service
@padma_cv Thank you ma I love you ❤
I'm a homeowner, and when I bought my first property I thought it was SO INSANE how many hoops I had to jump thru. And at the very end they try to pull a couple of fast ones on you with extra fees and whatnot. @abhiroop_cvk @rashidaziz this looks awesome 🔥🔥🔥 and can't wait to see how big this gets.
@rashidaziz @fitzrocks Thank you Steven!! Hoping to prevent exactly that 😊
Love this! Can identify first hand about the pains of house hunting and the admin processes behind it. Hutsy really helps the process. Looking forward to seeing what's next!
@matthew_chng Thank you Matthew!!