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AI-Powered recruitment matchmaking app for engineers


humble's AI matches you to dream tech jobs. Create an account by connecting your GitHub. humble matches you to dream tech jobs in your area (or further afield) based on tech skills. Swipe right if you're interested. Only engineers can start conversations with recruiters.

Would you recommend this product?

Checked out Humble after I saw the app as one of the submissions for TC Disrupt Berlin. Cool concept, tried it out and I see a lot of potential in building the app up as a full-service recruitment solution. As an engineer, I prefer the direct approach with a company, instead of being spammed by recruiters who hardly know my strengths and wants. Humble brings me one step closer to that better experience. Would definitely use more often if and when it comes as a native app :) Good job, guys!


Super easy to set up and start exploring


Would prefer a native app

Software Developer and Product Creator

I'm not too familiar with Humble or their product. I can say that they have spammed multiple OSS communities that I am a part of without contributing or even using the OSS from those communities.

This is a trend that is continuing to be a problem with promoting and Humble is taking advantage of this trend.




Spam Marketing

Co-Founder, MindMatch
Hey Ryan - we didn't mean to spam in any way. Since we got picked by ProductHunt and received a decent response, we wanted to share it with the community. Based on your response we have removed the messages, hope you try it out and like it

Two communities i'm in -- have been spammed by these guys. They didn't answer to any questions, just trying to get attention.


No Pros here


spammed the heck out

Engineering Manager
Hey Stanislav. Thanks for your feedback. We couldn't find those questions, but it would be great if you shoot them over at hello@humbleapp.io?