AI-Powered recruitment matchmaking app for engineers

humble's AI matches you to dream tech jobs. Create an account by connecting your GitHub. humble matches you to dream tech jobs in your area (or further afield) based on tech skills. Swipe right if you're interested. Only engineers can start conversations with recruiters.

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We weren't expecting humble to get so much attention. Apparently we are 4x over our Heroku limit! Thanks for not killing us Heroku!
Hey everyone - I'm one of the team that built humble! It was built in about 19hours for a Techcrunch hackathon, but we have had a pretty amazing response to it already. Please check it out and let us know what you think of it *as a concept* - the jobs in there are actually real but there are only a couple hundred.
@major_grooves Very interesting take on the hiring/job search. Reminds me of How does it work for an employer?
@romanzadyrako there is one important difference for the employer - they can't see the engineer's name or photo until the engineer initiates a conversation - that way we hope to avoid gender/ethnicity bias in hiring. Otherwise, it should be the same as for the engineer - just that they can swipe through engineers instead of jobs. We would probably make a desktop version for recruiters, but just mobile for now. Thanks for the great question!
Awesome guys, rock on!
Very cool - but curious, how does the AI actually work?
Hey @annarrose I work on the AI side. In this case we mostly use unsupervised learning - our system has learned to understand the technologies on an expert level, so for it words like "java" and "javascript" are not similar at all, and it can tell the difference. Hope this is informative! :)
@annarrose @angelovbobby nice vague answer! :p