Human Job Postings, by Uncubed

Put a face (or voice) behind boring, static job postings.

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nivo0o0, thanks for the hunt. πŸ”πŸ” This is a new, very beta release of a self-serve rich media job posting for hiring companies. Uncubed's mission is to make work human, so we focus heavily on creating a platform where companies come to life. Our relatively new company & jobs pages feature much higher quality and in-depth videos of employees, but the idea behind HJPs is to make it much easier (damn near instant) for companies to turn static content into something with character and personality. A few notes: -We've kept it to 35 seconds or less for both audio and video. -We don't have much of a working template for folks to follow as we expect it to work it's way out with use. -We are curious if people are much more likely to choose audio over video (or vice versa). -We are very much looking forward to painfully awkward videos and analyze the impact this content has on application rates. -The point is that the content is NOT perfect. But we are curious how many people / companies can get behind that. It's currently only for subscribing companies, but we'd be happy to let folks give it a spin for free if you're hiring. Just drop your email in the beta. We'll promote to our community as well. Thank you and please, please, please provide your feedback. -Tarek
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@tarekp very cool!
@vesln Thank you. It has a ways to go, but we're happy to get it off the ground.
Think this is a great idea. Congrats @tarekp!
@taykcrane Thanks man (I know I owe you an email - coming right up!)
@tarekp Launching new products >>> sending emails
This looks awesome. I love the idea of seeing humans aren't reduced to a cluster of "marketable skills."
@rahafharfoush Thank you, thank you!
Very cool. Love what you guys are doing.