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Most location-based messaging apps that I've seen (Lynk Messenger being a recent addition) have focused on chatting with people nearby. Huckle seems to offer this but more uniquely, the ability to "transport" and converse with others in a different location. This could be useful for asking people a question at a specific location (e.g. is the line at Philz Coffee long?) but as with all social, location-confined, it needs to massive network effects to be useful.
@rrhoover Hey Ryan - thanks for the comment. Been a huge fan of PH for a while now and it's great to see Huckle added to the community. We've set out to build something that's different than any messaging apps in the market right now, so it's awesome that you feel like we're unique. With regards to location, most of Huckle's core features are tied to location, but if any of your friends across the world are hanging out, Huckle groups them together into a real time chat with you. So if you have friends at dinner in New York, and friends bar hopping in SF, you'll see them both on your home screen. This is in addition to the hyper-local chats that are great for conferences, college campuses, sporting events, and more. Thanks again and hoping to meet some folks from the PH community at Launch today!
@rrhoover reminds me of (defunct) Localmind: "Localmind is a new service that allows you to send questions and receive answers about what is going on—right now—at places you care about."
@rrhoover @chrismessina Good comparison, Chris. The public chat feature is similar, for sure. We hope that users jump into the local chats like they did in chat rooms back on AOL :)
Hi, Product Hunt community! Huckle is a location-based messaging app. Here's some of the cool stuff that Huckle does: - Every location on earth has its own chat room. Chat in real time with everyone at conferences, sporting events, concerts, and more. - Automatic group chats with friends: when your friends are hanging out together, Huckle creates a group chat for you so you can quickly message them. This is also a way for you to see where your friends are and who they're with. (PS there are no maps in Huckle to help to protect your privacy as much as possible :) - Missed Connections: remember missed connections from CraigsList? This is that on your phone. See everyone you've been around today and add them as a friend. - ScatterChat: send the same message to multiple friends. This feature is unlocked when you have 2 or more friends. Excited for the community to check it out!
When I was skimming the list, I read it as Heckle, and my first thought was "like we need new ways to make feel bad." Someone is going to make this work. Granted it could be people creating a solution to a problem that doesn't exist, but things like missed connections, pinging an active location for updates on lines, tickets and more seems like a useful tool.
@golocalapps Thanks, Ross! This is just the beginning for sure. Excited to learn and keep it going.