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Adam Benayoun
Adam Benayoun@deleted-3817
I've watched the countless iterations that Dave and Jared have poured into this product and I'm impressed! Good job and keep up the good work!
Dave Nevogt
Dave Nevogt@dnevogt · Co-Founder, Hubstaff
@adambn - Thanks for all your advice along the way Adam - we appreciate it.
Attila Oláh
Attila Oláh@attilaolah
I have been using Hubstaff for a while. It is probably the only time tracking service with a truly cross platform app that does not suck.
Jared Brown
Jared Brown@jaredbrown · Co-founder,
@attilaolah It's taken longer to build the UI pieces out for each OS, but I think the investment pays off. Having a truly native experience vs a Qt or wxWidgets version of native feels like the right thing when you use the software.