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In-app productivity tool with over 50 marketing templates

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Hey folks, At HubSpot, we want to transform sales and marketing for the better. So this year we set on a mission to make marketers more productive by allowing them to manage their work where their work lives - right next to their landing pages, emails, social media messages, blog posts... Today we are launching our newest tool, HubSpot Projects, a transparent productivity layer on top of all your marketing building blocks. It’s designed to stay out of your way and be your guide only when you need it, connecting you and your team around a set of shared tasks. For every task in a Project you can assign owners, set a due date, and associate assets from other HubSpot tools. You can turn any Project into a template, helping you create a process for your marketing work. Projects is also the new way to learn inbound by doing. In the tool, you will find over 50 pre-built project templates created by inbound marketing experts to give you a step-by-step guide to the execution of countless inbound marketing strategies and tactics. Check out HubSpot Projects, alongside the rest of our marketing apps, by getting a free trial and let us know what you think: Cheers, @mgieva
Looks like a lot of players are coming after @Percolate's territory @hubspot @mgieva
Definitely seems like a good product for some marketing projects
After seeing the trailer I'd like to have @realdanlyons opinion about this :P