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Dharmesh Shah
@dharmesh · Founder and CTO, HubSpot
When I speak with our customers, one thing I hear a lot is how they struggle to grow when they’re using a dozen disconnected tools across different teams. What they really need is a stack. You’re probably familiar with stacks - marketing stacks, sales stacks, development stacks, etc. They usually contain point solutions that don’t share data with the other… See more
Dr David Darmanin
@daviddarmanin · CEO & Founder, Hotjar
Great list Dharmesh! I'm looking forward to taking GrowthBot for a spin after your session yesterday at Inbound16.
Allan Caeg
@allancaeg · Founder, NorthStories.io
Been using this stack for almost a year and been very happy. I began when the email tracking tool for Gmail was called Sidekick. Then they launched Leadin. This stack is a great addition to your Wordpress hub.
Ben Bartling
@benbartling · Co-Founder, ZoomShift
Awesome work Dharmesh! The struggle with disconnected tools is real. We are constantly looking for new ways to bring our processes closer together. Connecting all of the dots throughout a customers journey is not easy. Would you say Growth Stack is a good fit for a B2B SaaS company targeted at SMBs with lower LTV and a low touch sales process? We've found i… See more
@sanshiro · CEO from Aloha Creativos
yeah, $200 for the regular marketing platform O.o dude... i can make a lot of clients with that money on ads every month and i only need $10 usd to pay @agilecrm, why chose you? and yeah, you don't invent the digital marketing so... i'm not a "believer"