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When I speak with our customers, one thing I hear a lot is how they struggle to grow when they’re using a dozen disconnected tools across different teams. What they really need is a stack. You’re probably familiar with stacks - marketing stacks, sales stacks, development stacks, etc. They usually contain point solutions that don’t share data with the other tools in your stack. You then have to fit them together, usually imperfectly. That can slow you down, especially as you’re trying to grow. So we thought, why not create one powerful set of tools that connects every stage of the customer experience--from the first point of contact, through the sales and marketing process, and over the lifetime of the customer? We’ve put everything a growing company needs into a single, deeply integrated system. What excites me is that the Growth Stack is 100% free to start and grows with your company. My team and I would love for you to try it out. Feel free to ask us any questions and provide any feedback in the comments below!
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@dharmesh I'm a big fan of the free CRM system. We use it extensively at getstream.io. It's really solid if you're doing in-bound sales. Almost all startups that I know use Hubspot CRM for their in-bound sales. What audience are you primarily aiming at with the marketing tools?
@tschellenbach We've got marketers in companies ranging from small to large. We didn't create this to only serve a certain segment - our free platform is more focused on serving a purpose: Conversion Rate Optimization. Its a beautiful, simple, yet powerful tool for lead capture on your site. It automatically discovers forms on your site and grabs those leads, while also giving you the ability to make intelligent pop ups to capture even more Leads. Once we have the leads, we enhance with all sorts of data & also show you all of their behavior on the site. It is amazing how much you can learn about leads this way. And once you activate the CRM, the leads flow seamlessly... #DropMic All this for free... The growth game just got interesting :)
Great list Dharmesh! I'm looking forward to taking GrowthBot for a spin after your session yesterday at Inbound16.
Been using this stack for almost a year and been very happy. I began when the email tracking tool for Gmail was called Sidekick. Then they launched Leadin. This stack is a great addition to your Wordpress hub.
@allancaeg Thanks for starting with us so early. Glad you're a happy user.
yeah, $200 for the regular marketing platform O.o dude... i can make a lot of clients with that money on ads every month and i only need $10 usd to pay @agilecrm, why chose you? and yeah, you don't invent the digital marketing so... i'm not a "believer"
wtf? XD i go to your "free" platform and the only free there is the crm hahaha, the only stuff on the marketing side is the "competitors" and we can do that on Facebook, analytics, and stuff yeah, i think you just wanna get some emails from product hunt, you don't change anything on your platform, you just make a landing page
@sanshiro Hey - you can find the Marketing Free at http://www.hubspot.com/products/... - there's much more to it than competitors.
@snappiet emmmm no, you only give forms and that's it, i can do that with google forms :S guys, you need a better marketing strategy
@sanshiro @snappiet Hi there, with HubSpot Marketing Free, you are able to create pop-up forms, track visitor activity and conversion activity on your website, and track activity from the existing forms on your website using our Collected Forms tool. These are the tools that can be used in conjunction with the free CRM and sales products to help you leverage your website for conversion and close deals. The difference between our analytics and Google Analytics is that Google Analytics is an anonymous, more macro view of the data whereas our software shows a micro view and tracks those who have filled out your forms, presenting you with per-contact page views and conversions. You are also able to see which marketing activities are working through a sources report on the dashboard which shows which sources are converting into leads. Our users see increased sitewide conversion rates using HubSpot Marketing Free within the first week of implementation. Let me know if you have any more questions about the marketing platform!
@sanshiro Here's how to look at it: When you activate Marketing Free, it automatically starts tracking all visitor behavior & marries that behavior when a visitor fills out a form. Not our form - ANY existing form. We consolidate all your leads from your own forms & then add all of their historical behavior. Moreover, we also enrich that lead with all sorts of data from multiple sources. Now you have all your leads consolidated, enriched, and you can see their behavior :) And that's before you ever turn on any of our own lead capture popups (which we call Lead Flows). Once you turn on Lead Flows, you can setup things like Top Banners ie HelloBars, Slide-in Boxes, and Overlays - all triggered intelligently by things like time, scroll, exit, etc. This goes way beyond a Google Form & helps you capture more leads. Once the data rich leads are flowing, you can easily activate the free CRM and start working them in a sale process. Every sales 'lead' now has all of its historical data attached - you know where they came from, what they were interested in, and things like how many times they've returned. We are easy to setup, consolidate your leads, enrich your leads, track all behavior, and then give you a sweet CRM to turn those leads into sales. All for free. You can't do the above even if you tried to cobble together Google Analytics, Google Forms, Agile CRM, and a few other tools... much less do it easily. Get excited!
Awesome work Dharmesh! The struggle with disconnected tools is real. We are constantly looking for new ways to bring our processes closer together. Connecting all of the dots throughout a customers journey is not easy. Would you say Growth Stack is a good fit for a B2B SaaS company targeted at SMBs with lower LTV and a low touch sales process? We've found it difficult to find tools like this that aren't enterprise focused. Any thoughts?