HubSpot for Startups

Get up to 90% off HubSpot's sales and marketing software.


Get marketing and sales software, education, and support at a startup-friendly cost. Get 90% off HubSpot software for eligible startups with under $2 million in funding and 50% off HubSpot software for all eligible startups with over $2 million in funding.

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Chief Event Einstein, Endless Events

I can talk about inbound marketing and Hubspot for days but this is one of the few softwares that does it all. If you're considering this I recommend getting Inbound certified and then when you get the product getting Hubspot certified to learn everything you need to know.


Best marketing software ever. It's been the main reason for our 2x growth year over year.


This is a long term investment of time and resources. However, now with the startup program, money investment isn't as large.

Thrive. Connect. Contribute.

Before you apply, please be aware that you must be backed by a VC, incubator, or accelerator currently in HubSpot's partner program


Awesome tools and access


You must be backed by a VC, incubator, or accelerator currently in the HubSpot partner program

Digital Marketing Specialist

Don't be deceived by the entry level costs!


it looks pretty


Use zapier and connect the dots between different apps!

Make up artist, Shleyf Salon

great idea. hubspot has great soft. and the idea of sharing some at low cost for a starter business is great.


great idea



Founder, Sensorglobe

I applied for the program through Start-Up Chile accelerator for my startup.

I would like to start saying that it is not a perk or a benefict but a scam.

As some people advice us that HubSpot is a great tool for inbound marketing, but at the end of the day there is no inbound product included in the perk, it is just a simple CRM and useless chat for the website.

Finally we did our inbound by hand, and found a good CRM with a great chat automatization with less than hubspot charge us.

Now I am using none of the 4 agents that I strated with, but they still charging for each one of thoose arguing that it is a 12 month contract. Finally I am wasting 30 dollars per month with this program. Keep away of them.


It is a basic CRM


They force you for a 12 month contract per agent

Back-end developer.
We use Hubspot in our company for managing clients' information. Super-tool. But sometimes it's clumsy to track all time spent in Hubspot. That's why we've decided to add TMetric time tracker as it smoothly integrates with Hubspot. I recommend it to try:
productivity geek
@tommy_wilkins We like how HubSpot works in connection with TMetric too. Both apps are perfect!
Head of Marketing at bugle

As a marketers I have has the chance to use many different marketing automation platforms for the last 12 years. The evolution is amazing in this time period, but so far, Hubspot has been my favourite marketing automation platform. Super complete, we can manage and report on most digital channels. I am an Inbound and Hubspot fan!


Very complete, all-in-one marketing automation platform. Very user friendly.


After the startup offer period, it is quite expensive to keep it.

Head of Marketing,

Startups, of course, never have enough hours in the day, but with HubSpot, your hours go a lot further. I can create a landing page in an hour, which is insanely helpful for me, and also my development team as I no longer have to pull them away from product to help me out. You can automates (almost) all of your marketing activities: email, social, campaigns, workflows, lead scoring, and even tie in ads!


Great for any startup! You won't find a better bang for your buck anywhere else, and it's replaces about 5 different separate services.


Their Sales product needs a better SaaS-based deal structure. Right now, you can't automate recurring deals, but they're working on it.

Marketing Manager | HackerEarth
Not recommended, the sales reps talk something in call and once you are ready to make the payment they will say sorry it is not valid on this package. It was super horrible experience and heard from couple of my friends. Please stop being evil @hubspot. Not at all expected.
software dev in a rural area.
It's a little clunky, so it's best to use it with an API. I've had technical problems with it and found their support team to be helpful. (I used the chat)
i am designer
Legendary startup. I recommend it to everyone! If you want to grow your business, you must implement marketing software. If you are starting your startup, then this project can help you. Also, in the beginning, it helped me a lot to sell my projects pitch deck templates for presentations. This is also an important part of marketing. Namely, the project I made a big step with it. Because they can come up with an excellent presentation idea and get further funding for the project.
Touchscreen Software Interactive Signage
We are using Hubspot for several years now!
Founder & CEO at OpsLyft
HubSpot has been a product that I have been using since I started my own company because it is the best sales and marketing tool in the market.