HubSpot for Startups

Get up to 90% off HubSpot's sales and marketing software.

Get marketing and sales software, education, and support at a startup-friendly cost. Get 90% off HubSpot software for eligible startups with under $2 million in funding and 50% off HubSpot software for all eligible startups with over $2 million in funding.

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We're so excited to share HubSpot for Startups with Product Hunt! We created it because we realized something: startups are great at creating products customers love, but they have trouble acquiring customers to love them. That's why we've teamed up with over 700 incubators, accelerators, and VCs around the globe to provide startups with the education and software you need to grow and scale your business. Our team is passionate about helping startups succeed -- we've been there, we've felt your pain, and we want to support you as you grow. Let us know what you think in the comments below!
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@niti_shah Hi there, i am heading up a new startup handling advertising and marketing but we are not series-a, and we are a very small team. Would you be willing to work with us with your new startup program? niti_shah
@brucekraftjr Hey Bruce, first of all congrats on the new startup! Are you affiliated with an incubator or accelerator by any chance? Also feel free to email us at and we can figure out howe we can best help you :)
Why funding is a criteria? There are also incubators who encourage bootstrapped ventures. Don't you think having funding as a criteria is actually giving a wrong precedence?
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@nishith_gupta @nishith_gupta This is a no-risk discount to catch early start-ups. However, to ensure that you start paying full amount very soon, the only assurance is that you are funded by Top VCs and Accelerators. Who believes in bootstrapped companies? While there are good alternatives which still cost less even after HubSpot's 90% discount, HubSpot is not a Charitable institution. Don't get them wrong. Apart, seems PH is now becoming a Deals marketplace. Probably another new organic direction. Get the cue Ryan. :-)
@nishith_gupta HSFS does partner with incubators who encourage bootstrapped ventures and those bootstrapped ventures typically take advantage of the seed stage offering. We capped the funding to $1 Million in revenue for the seed stage, however, have no funding criteria for the Series A program.
@nishith_gupta @palash76 Thank you for your comment @palash. Our mission is to help startups grow and we think this is a good way to do it by offering education, support and startup friendly pricing to help startups use HubSpot when they typically couldn't afford it. We do realize it's not perfect by any means and we will continue to figure out ways to support the global entrepreneurial ecosystem. Please feel free to email me directly at We love to hear better ways of doing something and new ideas anytime.

I can talk about inbound marketing and Hubspot for days but this is one of the few softwares that does it all. If you're considering this I recommend getting Inbound certified and then when you get the product getting Hubspot certified to learn everything you need to know.


Best marketing software ever. It's been the main reason for our 2x growth year over year.


This is a long term investment of time and resources. However, now with the startup program, money investment isn't as large.

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@dharmesh @niti_shah I agree with @nishith_gupta , we're a bootstrapped startup who can use all the help we can get. Is there a possibility that this will also be available for bootstrapped startups?
@dharmesh @niti_shah totally agree with @nishith_gupta and @leemcniel. And I am in same boat too 😬
@leemcniel HubSpot already offers a free version of their CRM and their email integration, Sidekick, is ~$20/m. This combo is perfect for bootstrapped startups
@dharmesh @nishith_gupta @leemcniel We hear you. We actually have a completely free set of tools -- HubSpot CRM Free, Marketing Free, and Sales Free. These tools were created with bootstrapped startups in mind and is a great way to get started.
@dharmesh @leemcniel @niti_shah Hi Niti, I think my comment got a wrong perspective. Bootstrapped do not mean that we are not growing. It's an option I prefer of how I want my business to grow. Yes, that definitely means we like to be frugal when it comes to expenditure. But here my comment was more on criteria of startup. Since you are branding as Hubspot for Startups, keeping funding as criteria is not right. There might be companies who are growing probably better than some funded ones but this 90% advantage is not there for them.
@dharmesh @leemcniel @niti_shah @nishith_gupta 100% agree with this. There's a huge range of startups who have chosen to reinvest profits into future growth (bootstrap) rather than be trapped in the VC Funding and Accelerator model. Excluding us from this program seems to signal that Hubspot cares more about new business driven by a partnership model with incubator/accelerators, than it does about the entrepreneurial ecosystem.
Thanks @dharmesh for Hubspot for Startups, we @99tests are delighted to get started
@dharmesh @99tests @praveensinghv Welcome @99tests! We are excited to watch your success.