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Discover the best bots that you need to grow your business


The HubSpot Bot Directory is a hand-picked list of the best bots to help you grow your business & improve productivity. (No bots were harmed in the selection process).

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We were thrilled to discover this morning that Ottspott was listed in the customer support section of this list. Hubspot has done a great job in handpicking the best/most used bots in each category and we're super proud to be part of their choice.

Our teams at Ottspott also use a handful of bots listed here.

Thanks Hubspot, Justin, Victor and Aja for this great job 🙌

(disclaimer: I am the CEO @


- Cross-platform

- Categories pretty much cover all the needs

- Hand picked & independent choice


None for now, great initative 👏

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Great to see a hand-picked list of bots they tested from companies that are active and thriving (as opposed to some of the stale directories that are out there). You'll find the key categories and bots on this list. Good stuff.


- Curated list of good stuff

- Great design with the right amount of info


- Bots/products are changing quickly, so they need a way to stay up to date on each of the products

Hey Mark, thanks for checking the directory out, and I'm glad you've found it useful. Definitely agree re: the challenge of keeping our data up-to-date -- we actually had to delete around 40 bots in between the initial data mining production and launch because we discovered they were no longer supported. But that's something you'll face with every rapidly evolving space, I guess. :)