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Discover the best bots that you need to grow your business

The HubSpot Bot Directory is a hand-picked list of the best bots to help you grow your business & improve productivity. (No bots were harmed in the selection process).

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Hey Product Hunters! You’ve probably had the experience of a really bad chatbot not doing what you expected it to do. We had the same problem and it seems like there is a new bot popping up everyday. A couple of us at HubSpot (@ajavuu @victorpan @tswyter @smcelhinney @matt_inbound @hellofrommandy) have been hard at work in the past couple of months trying to tackle this issue. The list isn’t huge at the moment but it takes a long time trying to hand pick the best bots and we will be adding on more bots in the upcoming months. Check it out and see if you like it. If you don’t, let us know why and we will be stoked to improve the experience.
@ajavuu @victorpan @justinleejw Love the simplicity and design of this tool, just bookmarked. Congrats on the launch guys.

We were thrilled to discover this morning that Ottspott was listed in the customer support section of this list. Hubspot has done a great job in handpicking the best/most used bots in each category and we're super proud to be part of their choice.

Our teams at Ottspott also use a handful of bots listed here.

Thanks Hubspot, Justin, Victor and Aja for this great job 🙌

(disclaimer: I am the CEO @


- Cross-platform

- Categories pretty much cover all the needs

- Hand picked & independent choice


None for now, great initative 👏

It seems like there’s a bot being created every other day now. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by the overload of information like me, the HubSpot Bot Directory was created to help you differentiate the signal from the noise. The Bot Directory is a curated list of bots hand-picked by the people at HubSpot to help you identify the right bots to use to grow your business. The bots are checked for quality, reliability & ability to perform the tasks that was promised. You no longer have to install or pay for a bot to check out what it does. The directory features the sample commands, price & description of what the bot does. Bots that are featured works across all the major platforms like Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram, Skype as well as some of the smaller platforms like Viber & Kik. There’s also a variety of bots ranging from the biggest brands like CNN & Dribbble to independent developers.
Really helpful and detailed. Great work! Thanks.
@mustafee Thank you! Glad you liked it
Congrats on the launch—looks like a great directory! Thanks for adding @askobie 😄 Curious as to how you differentiate the directory from those like @botlistco? Just more of a curated list for business applications? cc: @sethlouey
@askobie @botlistco @sethlouey @chrisbuttenham big fan of botlist here. I think our list is more of a business focused curation. We've thought to ourselves - what do we do best? And that's always consistently helping marketers, sales people, success managers perform better at their job. Which is ultimately what we are trying to do here as well.
@askobie @botlistco @chrisbuttenham @justinleejw we have business as well, but BotList is community run. i.e. Anyone who wants to market their bots can submit and update their pages for that sweet sweet Google Juice. Thanks for the shoutout btw.
@askobie @botlistco @chrisbuttenham @justinleejw @sethlouey I love the community aspect of BotList. We've got a ways to go there, but anyone who wants to submit a bot to our directory on this page: