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Receive packages from anyone, any time.

#1 Product of the DayJuly 28, 2017
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Amazon Lockers are yellow and only receive orders from Amazon. Amazon Hubs received packages from any sender.
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@adaptive thanks. Now I get it.
Just one step closer to taking over the USPS...
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@kleinkleinklein Amazon is all about vertical integration. They're already making their own products under the Amazon Basics brand and filing patens for drone delivery "beehive". 😳
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@rrhoover Don't forget this week's underwater warehouse patent!
I may very well be an idiot but I've looked at that site and still don't really get what it is. Granted, I haven't watched the video, but should I have to?
@angus_halen It's like an autonomous pickup store device.
@tsunaze nope. Still nothing.
@angus_halen it's a mailbox for apartments that Amazon controls, eliminates the leasing office having to hold deliveries for residents
@angus_halen @andrewminchew I completely thought that Amazon was leasing apartments for a minute. Today is a confusing day for me...
@angus_halen I believe its the same thing they currently offer grocery stores except for offices or apartments. My Shoppers has this, but in yellow. Its like a local pickup.
It is one of the main drawback of ordering something online. I'm glad Amazon is doing something about it!
Watch out,!