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No reviews yet is sooooo much easier to use. feels like the 2000s, is now
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@noxowe I'd definitely have to agree. Fast is my go to.
@noxowe I thought was only for checking your speeds with Netflix servers?
@noxowe I had some issues with my internet connection and spent half a day running tests. For some reason I also ran one Speedtest and what I discovered was that Fast was giving me totally invalid results.
@_sergeh yeah for detailed results but to just quickly check what up, then just launch and you'll know the results in 2 seconds without annoying ads etc
Doesn't work for me :( Edit: uBlock was blocking it
@_sergeh If you whitelist "http://d3ujids68p6xmq.cloudfront..." you can continue blocking the rest.
@kudoz @_sergeh Thanks it better without all these 5 blocks of ads! :)
There aren't enough ads on the page. Just use
It's worth noting that Ookla was bought by Comcast, though that's not necessarily an indictment. Another HTML5 alternative that also works on mobile is EDIT: I'm wrong, thanks @adrianeholter for the correction. I'm not sure about the source of my misinformation. Apologies.
@israelvicars Ookla, the company behind Speedtest, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ziff Davis that operates independently. There is not a single ISP or carrier that owns us or has a say in what we do. Many ISPs and carriers are partners and customers of ours - having any bias would be bad business.
@israelvicars didn't work for me sadly.
Happy to see that has ditched flash in favor of HTML5. I can confirm that HTML5 ads do in fact load faster than flash ads.