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#1 Product of the DayAugust 21, 2016
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Laszlo Levente Mári
Laszlo Levente Mári@laszlolm · CEO @ Dakai - Blockchain Services is sooooo much easier to use. feels like the 2000s, is now
Parker Thompson
Parker Thompson@boymeetscode
@noxowe I'd definitely have to agree. Fast is my go to.
Veer Obhan
Veer Obhan@turboxide_ · High School Computer Science Student
@noxowe I thought was only for checking your speeds with Netflix servers?
Westin Lohne
Westin Lohne@westinlohne · previously product design @facebook
Serge Herkül
Serge Herkül@_sergeh · I build things @teamweek & @scaledrone
@noxowe I had some issues with my internet connection and spent half a day running tests. For some reason I also ran one Speedtest and what I discovered was that Fast was giving me totally invalid results.
Laszlo Levente Mári
Laszlo Levente Mári@laszlolm · CEO @ Dakai - Blockchain Services
@_sergeh yeah for detailed results but to just quickly check what up, then just launch and you'll know the results in 2 seconds without annoying ads etc
Serge Herkül
Serge Herkül@_sergeh · I build things @teamweek & @scaledrone
Doesn't work for me :( Edit: uBlock was blocking it
Jonathan Cremin
Jonathan Cremin@kudoz · SRE @ Udemy
@_sergeh If you whitelist "http://d3ujids68p6xmq.cloudfront..." you can continue blocking the rest.
ᴊᴜʟɪᴇɴ.@juliens_me · Tech enthusiast, future obsessed.
@kudoz @_sergeh Thanks it better without all these 5 blocks of ads! :)
Joe Blau
Joe Blau@joe_blau · iOS Engineer @ Uber, ATC
There aren't enough ads on the page. Just use
Israel Vicars
Israel Vicars@israelvicars · Co-founder,
It's worth noting that Ookla was bought by Comcast, though that's not necessarily an indictment. Another HTML5 alternative that also works on mobile is EDIT: I'm wrong, thanks @adrianeholter for the correction. I'm not sure about the source of my misinformation. Apologies.
Adriane Holter
Adriane HolterMaker@adrianeholter · Speedtest by Ookla
@israelvicars Ookla, the company behind Speedtest, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ziff Davis that operates independently. There is not a single ISP or carrier that owns us or has a say in what we do. Many ISPs and carriers are partners and customers of ours - having any bias would be bad business.
Andrew Mutavdzija
Andrew Mutavdzija@andym_dc · JD
@israelvicars didn't work for me sadly.
Taylor Crane
Taylor Crane@taykcrane · Product @ Hello Alfred
Happy to see that has ditched flash in favor of HTML5. I can confirm that HTML5 ads do in fact load faster than flash ads.