HTML Product Hunt

Product Hunt disguised as HTML code so you can browse freely

HTML Product Hunt is basically Product Hunt disguised as HTML code so you can browse freely.

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Hi everyone! It's my first time submitting something, so please be gentle! HTML Product Hunt lets you browse Product Hunt discreetly by disguising it as HTML code. I really liked the ideas of Code Reddit ( and Product Hunt Shell (, and I wanted to make an HTML version for this site. I put this together over the weekend for fun, and I thought other people might enjoy it too. There was one scary point during development when my code editor stopped working. After trying to figure out the problem, I realized I wasn't using my editor at all. I had been fooled by my own app. That was when I decided it was convincing enough. What can you do: - See headlines - Explore trending topics - View comments - See quick visual previews when hovering over links - Avoid situations where you've done a ton of work all day but someone walks by during the 5 minutes you were looking at Product Hunt and judges you as if that's all you did all day Anyways, this was for fun, so it's not perfect by any means. I hope you enjoy it, and if you have questions or comments, feel free to share!
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@yaphi1 Look cool, keep going
@kuolldev Thanks so much!
Like the quick preview thing! :)
@rahulmfg Glad it was helpful!
Fun, sneaky and thoughtful. You must have a serious ProductHunt need and a pissy boss. I am fortunate enough that people at my work understand that sourcing and recommending better software services that will introduce efficiencies is essential to moving our company forward.
@brendonwbrown Lol I can see how my post would give that impression. Everyone where I work is cool, which is why I've been able to comment on the real Product Hunt today without disguising the site.
Nice. I find it rather tongue-in-cheek that it is tagged with "Productivity" haha. It'd be cool if I can somehow embed it in my Atom editor as a tab.
@mikeswcho Lol glad that tag was appreciated. The quickest solution I could find was one of those Atom plugins that let you use the browser in an Atom tab ( I haven't tried it, so I can't vouch for it, but the avenue might be something to explore. I hope this helps!