Simple API to turn your HTML & CSS into shareable images

HTML/CSS to Image is a super simple HTTP API for converting your html into an image. It supports emoji, gradients, drop shadows + custom fonts. Give it a try for auto generating images from your code.

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Hi PH friends ๐Ÿ‘‹, Use this API to auto generate images from code. Super useful for making custom social images on the fly. Gradients, drop shadows, emoji's, custom fonts. Basically, if Chrome can do it, this API will do it. If you've ever done this before on your own, you know how painful it is to get right ๐Ÿ˜ƒ. My favorite use for this is generating open graph images. Auto generate an image, set the URL as your twitter OG meta tag. Now all your tweets look โœจ. Images == More clicks. Here's an example I mocked up for Code: Image:
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@mscccc Great product idea. Useful, and a pain for developers, with a clear upside for marketing! Some points: Given its targeted to developers, I would add how the API works on the homepage (maybe a interactive demo)? What is counted as an 'image' in terms of the images/month pricing? A unique CSS+html combo? I could see something like a minor template change, add up quickly towards my total. And last feedback, why not also a plan where I pay for actual usage, instead of per month pricing (I know, SaaS, but maybe something to think about).
@yvoschaap thanks! I definitely need to add a demo. Yes, an image is counted each time a successful request is made to create a new image (downloads are unlimited once an image is created). And it's only counted towards the month that it was created. I originally wanted to do metered billing. And started that way. But it was taking too much time to get working properly. Maybe now that I have rate limiting/usage working, it would be easier to add in.
Yay HTCI is finally live! I've been playing with the API for a little while now -- trying to make the OG images a little more fun. Well, coming soon - you'll get things like It's so lightweight and easy - no need to really host the content and can easily create templates to create images for social, email, etc... GREAT JOB @mscccc



It produces amazing looking images and works seamlessly. Mike writes excellent code.


Why wasnโ€™t this around sooner?!

Seems like a really useful product. I can attest to the pain that is screenshotting webpages, and also more specifically containers within a page. I had so much hassle taking screenshots of webpages recently when implementing this As a free little tool for my users, the amount of time it took me to implement in the end just made me begrudge it all! If I had used something like this, then I could have spent more time implementing more important things. Bookmarked and will definitely give this a try next time round :-)
Slick! Reminds me of ShareMeow! ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ