A simple email builder for sales teams

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Thank you for hunting us @marceglon. We are thrilled to be featured on ProductHunt. One of our most popular blog posts on over the last 12 months was describing step by step how we built an outbound email prospecting process at a previous company. Can you guess the biggest request from readers? It was to get a copy of the emails used in the five step prospecting sequence. We did one better and have built a mini app to build your own emails based on those templates. Then simply download the full sequence ready to use. Used by almost all the major B2B companies, cold emailing is a very effective channel for sales teams around the world. Finding the right audience and reaching out with the right message at the right time is a direct route to customer acquisition. It is when sales teams use ineffective messaging or target the wrong fit that cold email gets such a bad rep. These custom email templates and sequence were developed, tested and optimised over 18 months. Over 30 different messages and timings were tested with thousands of targeted prospects to find the highest performing sequence. Simply fill in the blanks and try these emails yourself. Of course, use these emails as a starting point. Each week or month start iterating and testing new versions to find the optimal message for the industry you target.
Thanks for the hunt @marceglon, we're delighted to get a much requested resource mini-app out to help our customers and sales people in general.
Just had a try of howya* today! It's very nice, easy to use and powerful base of emails. Personally, I edited the templates a little bit before sending them but I think it's a really good start. Just need to offer an automated email drip solution ;-) - Good Job OnePageCRM / @micfitzgerald
@odroz Thank you Olivier I appreciate that.