How To Work From Home

Everything you need to know to work from home effectively

Everything you need to know about working from home. After years of running fully remote teams across the world, we wanted to share a comprehensive guide to making remote work successful. From managing culture, to building teams, hiring, and lots more. Enjoy!
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Now that's what I call a comprehensive resource. πŸŽ‰πŸš€
Hey everyone! And thanks so much @abadesi for sharing this. By now, I can imagine that most of you reading this have had a taste of working from home by now. How have you found it? What are your biggest challenges? Toggl have been a fully remote company for years; we've put our heads together and produced a comprehensive guide to a bunch of common challenges, and things that we've worked on ourselves. That includes personal productivity, how to run effective remote teams, thoughts on remote team culture, hiring remotely, and lots more. I hope you find it useful! As the world slowly returns to normality, how will you work moving forwards? Are you eager to get back to office for routine & socializing? Will you stay 100% remote? Is there a perfect hybrid for you?
I'd prefer fully remote work
I'd prefer full-time office work
I'd prefer a mixture of office & remote
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Hey PHers! I've been working from home for three years but for many folks WFH is still a new concept and it takes work to make it successful. I like the resources shared here plus huge fan of Toggl in general, my team use it to track their hours each week.
Awesome guide, thanks for sharing guys!
Great work!