How to Nail Cold Email

Create unbeatable sales outreach campaigns

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Milan vd Bovenkamp ♠
Making ideas come alive 🚀🚀 🚀
From the makers of Reply, a great product I hunted earlier a great summary of how to reach people in a warm way. I miss the anecdotes and storytelling a bit though ;) but it's certainly a useful guide.
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Adam CochranGrowth@DuckDuckGo, Amateur maker
For those who have used read and used any of these strategies, how do they compare to Basho? I've found most thing since the Basho method to be total overkill unless you are selling lower end items and need someone low on the food chain (example: Basho may not be great if you are trying to sell paper clips to a large corp like Microsoft - but it still may work).
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James O'SullivanLooking for a project!
$25-50+/user? That's more than the highest enterprise tier on Slack. Extremely expensive. I think you should consider lowering your prices. But hey, if that's working good for you guys. I would probably use your product if it was $10/per user with 500 email/month. For me, Sendy does a lot of analytics and it's the cheapest thing out there. Which is great for a bootstrapped startup.
@james_osullivan Hi James. Thank you comment and sharing your feedback on pricing. Right now we expect that customer will be able to generate at least 1-2K in additional monthly revenue per month per user and in many cases we see that number is 10-20 times higher. So with the existed pricing model the ROI is very strong.
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