How much would you make if you were black?

Black-White wage gaps have actually increased since 2001

Studies conducted by the Economic Policy Institute indicate that Black-White wage gap has actually grown since the millennium. Find out how your salary would deteriorate if you were Black in the United States through 2000, 2007, and 2019
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One of the clearest markers of institutionalised racism, the Black-White wage gap in the United States has actually increased since the millennium. Find out how this deterioration would affect you if you were Black in the US through 2000, 2007, and 2019.
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Please keep politics out of PH. This is not the site for this crap.
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@ruben_change if the data is based on accurate research, and its solving a problem by providing information, this is the perfect place for this.
@cellus_christie Look I can also selectively show you accurate data, or ignore variables to come to a valid (based on method) conclusion. But please, this is a community that should be politics neutral, I dont need this. Otherwise I will have to stop coming here. This is a slippery slope.
@ruben_change For the fact that these are actual facts and you chose to be ignorant is why we still have these problems!
@itumeleng_masinamela unfortunately, I would have to agree. single variate analysis on wage vs race is not an accurate way to reach conclusions. I agree that the data exists, but you are making huge assumptions that are unfair to everyone else.
@ruben_change So what would you propose as the most accurate way to learn about yourself in relation to others? I'm sure your feedback would be welcomed.
I would love to see where it says that it compared people for the exact same positions with the exact same education/skill levels, not have it where its most likely comparing a black person at entry level vs a white person at senior level
I think this would be more useful and accurate if it was job-specific.
@critique - Go back to Facebook and spew your ignorant comments there, keep it off of PH.