How I Got 2.3 Million Downloads

How an app built in 6 hours got 2.3m downloads.

This is the story of how an iPhone app I built in 6 hours got 2.3 million downloads, generated a full-time salary and was acquired after 18 months in a free eBook. Let me know what you think!
Stuart consistently gives out awesome content. This is an excellent read for anyone who has anything to do with the App Store. I have found myself linking to many of his posts in Indie iOS Focus Weekly over the last year. Great work. Keep it up.
@cdbeshore thanks Chris! Really appreciate all the links.
I remember reading the blog post and including it in Marketing Stack in the growth stories section Nice @stuartkhall
Stuart builds stories around his experiments making them easy to digest and understand. Stuart is also an excellent public speaker with a disarming and relaxed style. Brilliant read - you should record this as an audiobook too!
I loved every bit of the story in this e-book. Although, I've read this on Medium already, but it motivates and inspire me every time. Thanks for sharing it.