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Website doesn't mention it at all, but this is a paid app. Had to download, unzip, and run before I was presented with a prompt to purchase a license.
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Great way to learn new hot keys and increase productivity. Tangent: I used to work with an engineer that never used the mouse. He even navigated websites solely with his keyboard, surprisingly quickly. He probably doesn't need this app. 😁
@rrhoover That is insane. This is my goal. It's strange how the mouse was created to make the computer easier to use, yet the more you use a computer the less you want to use the mouse!
@rrhoover it took me 6 years to learn command + tab application switcher. I missed so much...oh how things would be different had I known! :p
@rrhoover not sure if that's a good thing. The mouse has its place, selecting a random point on the screen without any context... that might be it, but that's better than nothing!
Hmm I installed Eve and it doesn't seem to be giving me any suggestions?
@yo you have to go into apps in the preferences and check the ones you use.
@fletchrichman @yo worked! paid for the service 👍🏻
Doesn't seem to be working on El Capitan :( I hope that it gets updated so I can use it! Looks like a great product.
@abityastunggal it looks like it hasn't been maintained in a while. might we worthwhile for someone to rebuild with a more transparent download mechanism (app store) for Yosemite and El Capitan.
@fletchrichman that would be amazing. I figured out how to get it working but it's really limited in terms of applications. Interesting idea though.
An open source library like this to use in apps would be awesome. It would be an easy way to implement progressive onboarding rather than forcefeeding it all at the start.
@benwtnb that would be amazing. It could also result in a standard way for developers to indicate hotkeys for any Mac app.
@fletchrichman Definitely, teaching keyboard shortcuts in mac apps is not easy. Could also include an option to set a shortcut. Nice hunt Fletcher!