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See how visitors are using your site and get visual feedback


Hotjar is a new and easy way to truly understand your web and mobile site visitors. Find your hottest opportunities for growth today.

Would you recommend this product?
Head Of Operations

Love HotJar! It's been pivotal for us to understand our customers, and learn how we can improve our product (SmarterQueue).

The only thing I wish it had was team member assignment within HotJar. As there are hundreds of viewings, as a manger it's a bit of an admin task to assign viewings to individuals. There maybe a way of doing this within HotJar that I've missed, but couldn't easily see it.

Great tool overall 👍🏽


Helpful to understand Customer Journey


Can't delegate viewings to team members within HotJar

Think more and get more
Do you try Yandex Metrika before? Looks like the same, but free
Content Developer & UX Manager

I love using HotJar and have used it in conjunction with Google Analytics for years! I am able to gain so much insight from watching the recordings of people interacting with the site. This is something I would recommend to any digital marketing professional.


Video recording of visitors, can easily share account with clients or add your team members as users.


Tracking code slows down page speed

founder, developer
Almost all trackers load their tracking code after DOM is fully loaded, therefor you would not experience any slowdowns. I am not sure about Hotjar in particular, but Reactflow surely load the tracker after page is fully loaded.
Consultant at SoftwareSupp.com

Great and simple tool for analytics of your website / online app, love that it's for free :)


free version, easy set-up, heat maps


video-recordings could be organized a little bit better

Entrepreneur, Coder, Consultant

I used it for about a year on several apps we produced to monitor user actions. It's definitely a great tool !


The ability to see the user acting on your page is quite unique. You can see what get attention and modify the website or app accordingly


Recordings are quite long to visualize, but they tried to avoid the pain with some functionalities

Web entrepreneur based in Ireland

Hotjar is a a great tool to see how users use your website. The heatmaps are very useful.


Very generous free plan


The heatmaps could be better to show actual click amounts on a link or section

Ruby on Rails Developer, OHQ

This is a much-needed out-of-the-box product that gives us the heatmaps we want- all for a price and ease-of-use that isn't prohibitive! I was intrigued, and literally had this product spun up in a live web application and recording data in under five minutes. Really excited to see where this goes!


Lightning-fast setup, Free Plan Available, Useful Data


Blocked by privacy addons

Long Road To Go, Be Friend With Fun>

A great resource


Easy to work with


Time to schedule

Maker of prodmgmt.world

Use Hotjar every day. Despite FullStory's 10x better session recording software, Hotjar still have the best suite of tools at the most affordable price point.


Versatile suite of simple useful tools


Watching session recordings without a search function sucks

Founder of Equipit.

This **** is lit!


Easy to install and use. Had it going and was viewing my first recordings within 30 minutes.


Can't tell yet/

Content Marketer

Being a marketer, Hotjar helps me in understanding what my visitors like, what has to be improved. Hotjar has helped our team bring more conversions with ease.


I use Hotjar for their Heatmaps and A/B testing feature. Loving it!


Nothing as of now. Love Hotjar!


Overall a really good product. Get the most out of it by enabling screen recording. Watch at high speed :)


I love the recordings. They give a better sense of usability and user intent than any analytics or usability studies I have encountered.


The heatmaps and other basic features don't tell you much.

Founder @ Crononcloud.com
I used to perform funnel conversion analytics in my previous app with hotjar. It 's a nice product and the starting plan is affordable.
Helping SaaS teams create rad products
I'm using the Hotjar trial and will be signing up. I was very impressed with how easy it was to get started.
Experienced internet marketer.
Amazing analytics tool! Can't wait to discover my website user journey with Hotjar!
UI/UX Designer
The screen recording feature is rlly good. :)
Digital Marketing Executive
If you want to check landing page activities and find bottlenecks in the path to conversion, then hotjar is the perfect platform for you. I used it for quite some time and I am writing this from my personal experience.
Joeveo, Inc.
Hotjar provides useful insights into the interaction of customers with our website, helping us to identify what they are most interested in and where they might get stuck in understanding our product. It's great that they have a try before you buy option too.
Mioduszewski Businesss
Sorry but I've haved doubts from the begining about Hotjar possibly making my site realy slow. Today this fears came true, everything was loaded super-fast but not Hotjar and his ridicullusly 4.5 MINUTES of loading(sic!) Sad but this time I really done with Hotjar. Sorry https://imgur.com/XpWzEiU
App Dev
Unbelievably. This tool works exactly like a Swiss watch.
Customer Success Manager at Geeklab.
Didn't even realize how many data points one could get from the website. This helps our team to answer many questions regarding our customer behaviour. Awesome job Hotjar Team!