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It's easy to poke fun of "Uber for X" startups (and yes, there are some silly ones) but this makes a ton of sense, imo. TC's @fitzpepper just covered their Series-A funding led by FirstMark Capital and UpFront Ventures.
@rrhoover agreed, I love this. Safety is obviously a big issue here but it seems the founders have a complex security system in place. You can read more about their safety policies here
@bentossell @rrhoover Looks like they've thought through the baseline security stuff in a coherent way. Needs to be fleshed out though, in a meaningful way. "Personalized passwords you and your children create that HopSkipDrivers confirm upon pickup...". I think even Steam has a more sophisticated approach, heh.
What worries me the most about this type of startup is not the actual drivers, but people impersonating drivers. I do not like the idea of an unmarked car. Picking up a group of children from ballet lessons and taking them home. I understand that parents can get busy and need someone to pick up their child. There is some sick individuals in this world that prey on children. I don't agree with making things easier for them.
@dredurr That seems like a straight forward virtual 'handshake' problem to be solved. Kids, take a picture of license plate/driver holding up a their phone, parents confirm, kids get on, etc. If anything it takes something informal and makes it explicit, transparent, formal, and electronic.
@shloky I may be a little more jaded on this subject because I live in Cleveland, Oh. Who as of recent years are more known for child abductions than anything else:( Every 40 seconds a child is abducted in the United States. It is not cool to get children in the habit of different strangers picking them up daily. It only takes "one" time. To ruin this type of business.
Looks similar to Shuddle: Safe Rides for Kids (https://shuddle.us/)
For this to work in the UK the driver would need a verified DBS check (https://www.gov.uk/disclosure-ba...). Does a similar check exist in the US? If so, I'd expect all HSD drivers to have it before I considered allowing their drivers to pick up my kids.