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There seems to be a revival in location-based social apps. Here are a few recent hunts: - TenTwenty - Your local, anonymous message board - Swarm - Keep up & meet up with your friends (Foursquare unbundled) - Enquire - Ask Anything in a Hood - HereNow - Send and receive messages with anyone within 100 metres - Shortwave - Short-range anonymous messaging (Secret meets Firechat) And even Secret added location-sharing to its anonymity-based app.
Hi Ryan thanks a lot for submitting our startup, we believe there is a real need for local communication services. These Apps remove the friction when communicating with nearby people you don’t know, and that facilitates more exchange of information and conversations. We've seen this use cases in San Francisco and Bay Area so far: -Local advice: (asking for places recommendations) -Classifieds: (second hand, yardsales) -Dating / Friends: (self explanatory) -Casual Conversations: (people looking to chat) -Sharing Pictures: (instagram user profile) -Communicating at events: (commenting and sharing pics 
 at events) Last use case was this morning when a user reported a bike accident real time in Marina sidewalk. I'll be happy to discuss about it or provide further information.
In Calgary (Canada), everybody tweets our semi-famous mayor about missing dogs, and he retweets it to his 175k followers — which seems like overkill, so I can see the use case! I love the idea of apps that help root us in community, and have been watching NextDoor for some time now, how is Hoods different?
Hi Andrew thanks a lot for your comment ! We like to think we are like a casual and open NextDoor, meaning, user do not have to provide their home address and it is easier to sign up. Another nice thing of Hoods is that when you move to other place, town, country, you see completely different content. We love to imagine our App with thousands of users worldwide interacting and helping each other, and we believe it would also be the best traveler app, since if its useful for locals, it is super useful for tourists!
@ar_turnbull use NextDoor for our home neighborhood and it's great. I see the utility in something that is relevant in your current location, wherever you are. @EnriqueDubois which are the use cases that are most interesting to you?