Home Buying List

Collection of steps needed to close on a house

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I recently went through the process of closing on a house in California and was very surprised at how difficult of a process it was and the lack of good information and resources on what to expect next. Every step a long the way I would ask for some sort of list or reference materials, next steps, etc. and could never find one. So I decided to put one together for others to use while going through the home buying process.
@husseinyahfoufi Thank you for the effort you took in creating this diagram, I'm currently using it to purchase my first own apartment, not a house, but the process is similar. I'm from Singapore and here's the condominium I move in - PIERMONT-GRAND-EC
It's really generous of you to do this for the good of all @husseinyahfoufi
Perfect timing as we are in the very middle of the purchasing process. Thank you!
@crixlet let me know if you have any questions while the process is still fresh on my mind!
The home buying process is definitely a long and complicated one end to end. There are a few startups focused on this space, including https://www.amitree.com/ & https://www.doorstepsbuy.com/
@drewmeyers nice! I'll check them out but thankfully I have my keys now πŸ™Œ
This saves folks from the headache of buying home process! Thanks for being helpful Hussein. btw its name should be changed to Home Buying Stash!;) @bramk
@farbodsaraf pretty soon we can have a stash site for stashes of stuff :)