Holiday Email Toolkit

Be on top of the inbox this holiday season

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The holidays are a crucial, but stressful time of year for most businesses. 83% of marketers ran holiday campaigns last year - the number is only expected to grow. That's why we've put together a Holiday Email Toolkit to help you plan & get your campaigns to the top of the inbox. Let us know what you think or ask us any questions below!
@denisechan26 Wicked smart idea. Thanks for doing this!
@thetylerhayes @denisechan26 Glad you like it, Tyler! Let us know if you have any questions!
@denisechan26 Will do. One thing was a bit confusing: if I click "Subscribe to newsletter" does that give me all the weekly lessons in the toolkit? (I figured it out after I clicked button, with the checkboxes, but I didn't know those would be there before I clicked it.) Just in general I guess I wasn't sure what to do on the landing page. My brain expected a newsletter or PDF—a take-away. So not seeing that put me into discovery mode—"what exactly is the toolkit?". Then I saw 2 CTAs ("Stay updated on Twitter") and "Go to the timeline" and eventually realized the toolkit was the timeline (I think that's right anyway 😬). FWIW :)
@thetylerhayes @denisechan26 That's really helpful feedback! Subscribing to the newsletter will send you weekly holiday tips. Also, if you scroll down past the timeline, you'll see some downloadable guides! We'll work on making these CTAs easier to pick up - shouldn't make you think too much about how to work your way around the page!