Hiver 2.0

Shared inbox management for teams

Hiver is an email collaboration platform that helps you manage shared inboxes like info@, contact@, or support@ right from Gmail.
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Thanks for hunting us, Kevin! Hi Product Hunters, I’m Niraj, the co-founder and CEO of Hiver. Hiver is the best tool for teams using GSuite/Gmail to manage shared inboxes like support@ and info@, and we’re very excited to launch a new and improved version of Hiver - Hiver 2.0 today. Here are the features that we’re releasing: Views: Views help users sort emails based on who they're assigned to and what the status of those emails are. A very significant upgrade over the basic Gmail filtering experience. Customer surveys: The most seamless email-based experience for collecting feedback that you'll find anywhere. Embed a customer satisfaction form into an email with just a click, and get rich, super useful reports instantly. In addition to this, we’ve also rolled out roles and permissions, giving account admins very deep granular controls over which users can access which Hiver features. We also just enhanced our heavily used email Notes features with a very powerful and fast notes search, that is deeply integrated with the Gmail search experience. We didn’t just stop with features. We’ve also just launched our new logo. A stylized, minimal evolution of our existing logo that helps bring to life our values of team collaboration and productivity. You can read about the evolution of Hiver and our redesign here: We'll be around all day answering questions about Hiver, about the redesign or literally anything about email and email management. We'd love to hear what you think!
The way to go Hiver 🤗
Love the new refreshing yellow in the redesign! Looking forward to test out the customer surveys. Nifty addition.
Hiver was always a great product, and 2.0 looks awesome! Well done
@mert_aktas Thanks! Do check out all the new stuff we've released, and let me know what you think.
Great product and even better support. I'm excited about the souped-up notes feature - we've wanted that for a while now. Good stuff, team Hiver.
@akashkj Thanks! Our support also recently got an upgrade. We already have 24x5 support, and shooting for 24x7 soon. Read more here: