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#4 Product of the DayJanuary 14, 2019

Hired is a collection of stories of Product transitions to show you how it’s done in 5 chapters:

- Transitioning to Product Management

- Get Hired at Your Dream Company

- General Tips & Advice

- Interview Advice

- Your First Few Days as a PM

  • Pros: 

    HIRED sounds like a good way to get people into Product Management, a growing discipline in software development, and many companies


    HIRED can feel like the old Churn&Burn-Learn to Flip Houses scheme, and offers vague explanations of what a PM is or why they're needed

    Product Management in many respects is a fairy new and often amorphous role, often different from company to company. HIRED's promise "Get a Career in Product Management" feels even more amorphous. I'm a naturally cynical (but optimistic) person so take what I say with a grain of salt. HIRED's book feels about as organized as Product School's "Proddy" awards (probably because they're the same company) unorganized, with a lack of definition for user (or in this case Student or Customer) to really use.

    I love the idea of getting people into Product Management, it's a great multifaceted role that gives it's practitioners access to many roles in a company. I just don't have faith in this approach (Happy to be proven wrong though)

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  • Dan Zirkelbach
    Dan ZirkelbachContent Creator and Product Lover

    Simple and Practical



    HIRED gets to the point quick and provides insights that you won't find anywhere else

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Hey Product People! We have New Year’s present for you. It was designed by our marketing team to help you make 2019 your best year yet. HIRED - How to Get a Product Management Job is a detailed, information packed guide that shows you exactly what to do if you want to work in Product this year. Inside, you’ll find practical advice from PMs and hiring managers currently working at Google, Facebook, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Spotify, Airbnb, Twitter, Apple, Netflix, Slack and Salesforce. You’ll also get insider tips about making transitions, acing the job interview, and starting out strong in your new leadership role, distilled from the highlights of the 848 global events that we hosted last year. Even if you’ve never worked as a PM before Even if you’re not “technical” Even if the whole idea of applying for a job at a company like Facebook terrifies you… ...this guide will help you get HIRED. Follow this LINK to download your free copy today. Carlos,
HIRED is The guide to get a Great Product Management Job. It was a pleasure being part of this creation. Many hours of working trying to select the best advice, the correct words, perfect graphics, etc. No doubt that this is the best path to get a great Product Management Job this 2019. Thanks to all the team for being part of this. I encourage you to download the book and spread your network with this valuable content. Thanks for your support.
People get into Product Management with the dream of building awesome products at companies like Google, Slack, Facebook etc. But most of us don't really have the roadmap for getting those jobs. With insights from people who actually work at these companies, "Hired: How to Get a Product Management Job" does what it says on the tin.
As an HR Manager with 12 years exp. this book is really helpful for recruitment and analysis process.
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@villaumbrosia Hi Carlos, missed the voting but looking forward to take your course. Would really appreciate if I can still download this book. Thanks!