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#5 Product of the DayFebruary 27, 2019

Hippo Video is the first cloud-based DIY video personalization platform to send personalized video campaigns, manage sales workflows and track them to close sales effectively. Sign up now and get 20% off on Monthly plan and 40% off on Yearly plan. *Exclusive for Product Hunt Community*

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Hello PH! I’m Karthi Mariappan, CEO of Hippo Video. Thanks @kevin for hunting us. The year 2019 kickstarted on the right note with Video Personalization scoring a huge hit for us. All thanks to the team for building a world-class video personalization product for businesses. Companies have already started adopting videos to communicate. With Hippo Video, marketing and sales teams will be able to create and send mass personalized video email campaigns at scale, to book more meetings, track opportunities, and close more deals effectively. Personalized videos can be useful in maximizing email marketing conversions for campaigns. Such personalization techniques will merge data and video to deliver exceptional experiences that wow customers, and produce higher ROI. Using Hippo Video, high growth sales and marketing teams no longer have to use multiple tools for different stages of a video. Businesses can achieve the following: - Send personalized video email campaigns at scale and track their complete performance. - Personalize your video and thumbnail by inserting merge fields and images. - Send & track videos from Gmail & Outlook. - Generate leads through configurable In-Video Call-To-Actions or In-Video Custom-CRM Forms. - Book more meetings via In-Video-Meeting links. - Sync lead information from the videos directly to your CRM. Also, you can manage your leads by importing your contacts from CRM to Hippo Video. - Get real-time notifications on how your videos are performing. - Customize your video player to match your brand. - Collaborate with your video recipients via Comments/Reviews within the video itself. - Integrated with popular marketing & sales tools and platforms. - Front-of-the-line phone and email support. We’d love your feedback and happy to answer your questions! 😀 Sign up now and get 20% off on Monthly plan and 40% off on Yearly plan. Exclusive for Product Hunt Community
@kevin @karthimariappan awesome product! my question is what is the the Product Hunt code to get 100 personalized video emails credited to my account? 😀
@kevin @karthimariappan @mrdzyn If you're a new user, just signup for Hippo Video from the link (webpage) given at the top of this PH page. Once you confirm your email, 100 personalized video emails will be credited automatically to your account.
@nykontym I got this message on my Pro account and a textbox, so I'm clueless what to enter there :D Enter the Product Hunt code to get 100 personalized video emails credited to your account. Get 500 more by referring Hippo Video to your friends. Found it already: PHFEB2019
@mrdzyn Have you been able to use it now, Mike?

I’m able to do the following with great speed and flexibility: Annotation tools - Being able to add a description - Being able to use my own branding - Gmail extension: you can add the video right there in your email - Notification when email has been opened and when video has been watched - Categories: I can keep my videos for different people and clients in their own category - Users: I can give collaborators access as well as restrict them to certain categories - Ability to host it on my own domain


One of the best video personalization platform we use. (Almost every second day)


None right now

Thanks a lot for the feedback @nunuthesamurai . Such a deep review of Hippo Video. Glad that we have super users like you.
Making personalized videos at scale an easy job.
@sneurgaonkar It sure is, Sunil. Thanks for the love.
@donald_jack Thanks for checking us out, Donald!
Congratulations on the launch team. Is this similar to Bonjoro App?
@nivasravi Bonjoro is only 1:1 sales video. While Hippo Video does provide 1:1 sales videos and much more with its marketing, sales, support and campaign workflows. What we are hunted today here is for DIY in-video personalization at scale - this is first its kind
@nilam_chand_jain Interesting. Let me check it out.
@nilam_chand_jain @nivasravi Thanks for stopping by, Nivas. As Nilam mentioned, Hippo Video is a complete platform for marketing, sales and campaign workflows. Give it a spin and let us know your thoughts.