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Highbrow is a learning platform that delivers bite-sized courses straight to people's inboxes every morning, that helps them form a daily micro-learning habit.

People are busy and free time is rare, so our courses are 10 days long (you don’t get bored) and are broken down into 5-minute lessons (you can read them with your morning coffee).



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Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell · Services for startups
Would love to know what the major updates are since it was previously hunted a year ago @aaazavyalov
Artem Zavyalov
Artem ZavyalovMaker@aaazavyalov · Co-founder @Highbrow
Hey there Product Hunt! I’m Artem, co-founder of Highbrow. We're building a simple, easy, and free way for people to gain new knowledge in less time than it takes to drink a cup of coffee. If you want to set up a habit to learn something new every day, try Highbrow! The Highbrow team was absolutely blown away by the love for Highbrow here on PH when we launched the beta version one year ago. You guys have been an amazing source of feedback and inspiration for us. Thanks! Since then, we’ve created more than 60 email courses with an original content on variety of topics, from Art and History to Science and Philosophy. We’ve build a great community of 150K+ lifelong learners and now we’d like to give everyone an ability to share knowledge with each other by creating own email courses on Highbrow. I guess there is no place in the web where people can create and publish their email courses. We’re pioneers in this field! Also, we’d like to expand our course topic list beyond the bounds of a general knowledge. So you’re welcome to share your knowledge on business and skills related topics! :) Would love to hear your feedback and answer any questions you might have, thanks!
Samantha Zhang
Samantha Zhang@moyicat · Maker @ Graphiq.com, Inc.
This is great! Had a very hard time choosing my first course to begin with. Can't wait to learn them all.
Artem Zavyalov
Artem ZavyalovMaker@aaazavyalov · Co-founder @Highbrow
@moyicat Thanks! Hope you'll enjoy it! :)
Sam Matrouh
Sam Matrouh@samatrouh · Founder of Dunnnk
Highbrow is awesome. It deserves to be further up the list
Artem Zavyalov
Artem ZavyalovMaker@aaazavyalov · Co-founder @Highbrow
@samatrouh Thanks for your support! :)
Nathen McVittie
Nathen McVittie@nathenmcvittie · Art Director, Common Goal
This is one I look forward to every day and have resubscribed to a new course every time my previous one ran out. Love this product.
Artem Zavyalov
Artem ZavyalovMaker@aaazavyalov · Co-founder @Highbrow