Level up your sleep by calculating your ideal bedtime.

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I'd love to see this on iOS soon. I've stopped using sleep trackers some time ago, this looks like something I'd use though!
Sleeping enough is a challenge for me and I am not the only I guess ! Will try it. And a launch on Android for once, yay !
This is perfect! I've noticed my sleep cycle shifts later into the night through the week before 'resetting' over the weekend ~ hopefully, this will help me keep things more consistent! 🛌
@ujzeee Thanks Udara means a lot from you 🔥:D
Bonjour Hunters! 😻 Rob here from @pressurelabs back with a new product launch! We created Hibernate to sync up our sleep with natural 90 minute sleep cycles to prevent grogginess in the morning caused by alarm interruptions mid sleep cycle! Currently there is no sleep movement tracker in this version but we hope to get there in the future as well as help you predict Your personal average sleep cycle time. Were currently Android only, but hope to move onto iOS in the future! Let us know what you think 😀
@pressurelabs @robertsimoes Hey! Love the app. It is everything I was looking for in a sleep app. FYI: There's a small typo in the play store description: "...calculating your IDEAL bed time."
@pressurelabs @garrett_mccurrach Many thanks Garrett you rock :) This will be fixed!
@pressurelabs @robertsimoes No worries. Thanks again for making something awesome!