If Trello and Slack had a baby - new team collaboration app

#4 Product of the DayAugust 21, 2018

HeySpace is a new team collaboration app that combines Trello and Slack features. Manage tasks, track progress and discuss all assignments without jumping between two tools!

HeySpace helps your team reduce meetings to minimum and keeps everybody up-to-date!

  • Pros: 

    Amazingly enhances collaboration with my team!


    Needs mobile version.

    It's a great collaboration tool. We use it to improve processes at our company and it works well. And it's free.

    It has many useful features and the design is fancy.

    Kate Kurzawska has used this product for one month.
  • Matt Pliszka
    Matt PliszkaCEO & co-founder @ pickSaaS.com

    Trello + Slack in one place, convenient design


    No search through messages, yet :(

    The concept of connecting Trello and Slack looks awesome, most of us switch between Slack & project management app. Messages' search is my favourite Slack's feature so looking forward to seeing this option here, as well :)

    Matt Pliszka has used this product for one day.
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Matt Pliszka
Matt Pliszka@matt_pliszka · CEO & co-founder @ pickSaaS.com
Works smoothly, and it's really Trello + Slack packed within one product. Looking forward to messages' search and more integrations with other apps/software!
Ola Rybacka
Ola RybackaMaker@pidzuchna · Social media freak, blogger, PhD Student
@matt_pliszka Thanks for the comment! They're in progress, so please stay tuned for the updates!
Ola Rybacka
Ola RybackaMaker@pidzuchna · Social media freak, blogger, PhD Student
The days of switching between task management app and messaging software are over! That's why we create HeySpace - to have everything we need in one app. HeySpace is entirely free. Why? We created it because of the lacks of features in Trello and Slack. It was meant to be our internal collaboration channel, but then, we decided to share it with the broader audience and help other teams collaborate smoother. One we appreciate from the new users is their feedback. 🙏 What are the features that make HeySpace stand out from the competitors? 🌌Enhanced public and private workspaces combining boards from Trello and message channels from Slack in one view, 🚀 Creating instant tasks from messages, ☄️ Sticky notes board... And many, many more! I'm here to answer all your questions - sign up for your free account and enjoy the enhanced team collaboration! 🛰️
Marcos Jesus
Marcos Jesus@marcos_jesus · Marcos, Market Development Strategist
@pidzuchna Hey. It was scary (in a good way) to discover PipeCandy today. I have been working with e-commerce for 4 years in Brazil, as Product Manager in the largest platform in this segment in my country. Do you have plans to make the product global? If you are interested, I can bring you concrete data about the Brazilian market, and how it can represent a great opportunity.
Sarah Hum
Sarah HumHiring@sarahhum · Founder at Canny
Cool stuff! Any plans for integrations? We currently use Twist and we have a simple bot that pings the team every morning for standup. We also get updates when there's activity in Github.
Ola Rybacka
Ola RybackaMaker@pidzuchna · Social media freak, blogger, PhD Student
@sarahhum Sure, integrations are in the plan for nearest future!
Jeff Eisley
Jeff Eisley@jeffeisley · I talk about apps on YouTube <3
Yet-ANOTHER-Project-Management-All-In-One-App... sigh... Oh heck, I'll test it and review it anyway.
Paweł Kijko
Paweł KijkoMaker@klewer8 · Pawel Kijko, Klewer, Poland
Hey.Space solves various problems because it provides many possibilities: - Standardized work with all teams – focusing work on communication projects with all teams in one application. - Communication with outsourcing companies – thanks to the feature of separate Workspaces you have the possibility to create task communicator for outside companies. This way, you can easily hold conversations and define tasks. - The reference to popular Trello, task and project management software, gives you the benefits of using such tool, including the fact that in your work you can use Kanban method. - Your employees can participate in multiple projects at the same time, including inner projects as well as those carried out with outside companies. Focusing work on just one dashboard – it’s possible to finish all your work in one tool!