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Heyroom is a visual interface for office social life, which helps companies build a stronger community in the workplace.

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AldoMaker@aldoe · Founder at Shryne and Heyroom
Hey Product Hunt! Having launched Shryne a few years back we’re now extending our social health research to building communities. Workplace loneliness is growing at an alarming rate – as many as 53% of US adults say that they often feel “intensely lonely” at work, which leads to lowered engagement and productivity. Most professional environments reinforce a silent digital working culture, and usually staff onboarding processes ignore “social” altogether. Heyroom’s features minimize social awkwardness, making it easy to meet new people and make friends in the office. Users can play games, plan activities, and connect with ease, while earning points for contributing to a healthy and happy work environment. Admin users get a clear insight into their company culture (using Shryne’s social health models). The biggest employer benefit is building a more inclusive office community and combating employee churn. At the same time, companies aren't able to track employees, as Heyroom is a pro-privacy social network.