Make sense of Google Analytics data.

heybooster gives data-driven insight to empower marketing teams of e-commerce businesses. Connect your google analytics and get first insights!
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Hey hunters! This is Neslihan from heybooster, it is the first SaaS project that I took the responsibility for product development and luckily I am surrounded by an amazing and passionate team that cover and support me. So I am very excited to introduce you to heybooster. Me and my colleagues all have digital marketing backgrounds and we face the same measurement problems over and over in different instances. This affects even the executive marketing dashboards and the worst part is that the problem was only recognized after an urgent meeting was set it up. Although Google Analytics is proven as the most frequently used Analytics tool, we experienced that it does not work that great if you don’t adjust and keep an eye on the basic setup rules. heybooster will help you to check your Google Analytics account based on a list of configuration basics and serve you the pain points in the order of impact on health score*. heybooster will let you and your team know, via slack, if anything changes in your account configuration before it is noticeable on any performance dashboards. *Analytics Health Score is an indicator of how reliable your Google Analytics are for managing all your marketing activity. heybooster makes sense of your data by; 📌 listing prioritized recommendations to use Google Analytics data more effective 💯 scoring your account health measurement level ⏰ letting your team know about critical changes on your account setup. heybooster was started by developing toward our own experiences. Now we need your support and feedback. Give us a hand and we can improve it together 🤜 🤛 .
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heybooster is our new product for marketers responsible for web analytics and data. My colleagues and I working on automatization of SEO reports and in a short time we'll make amazing SEO features for heybooster! Just follow up on the alerts now and be our happy user. 🚀
@romanadamita I can't wait to share our planed features with Hunters 🤞
Seems like a great product for those unable to interpret analytics data.
@oozn thanks oozn! I hope, it's going to be better and better with your feedbacks 💪
@oozn thanks onur for your support 🤜🏻
Nice work! we finally found the new challenge for our analytics team, now they are trying to get highest analytics score by applying recommendations😂
@musa_bahadir Thanks Musa, I hope they love to use heybooster to show how they are good on this game 💪
heybooster worked really smoothly after setting up Google Analytics. I also loved the Slack plugin. We develop our health score by receiving all the necessary notifications from the Slack. Go heybooster Team! 🤩💪
@sairaneibade thank you samet, we will let you know about new features keepin touch ✌🏻
@sairaneibade it's so great to be part of the solution 🐣