Hendricks Horatio

Hendricks, the gin company has launched a smart speaker

Created as a delightful counterpoint to today's banal and predictable voice-activated speakers (yawn), Horatio the surprise and unpredictability that mass-produced modern electronics fail to deliver.
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This feels like an April's Fools but it's September.... and I really want it!! 🍸
@ejsnowdon Are you wiling to cough up the price haha?
@aaronoleary hmmm maybe one for the wish list.
@aaronoleary (from Mashable) - "The company didn't really share many details about the speaker's technical side, except for the fact that it responds in a "delightful British accent." But here's the kicker: the speaker won't actually respond to your queries in a meaningful way. "Horatio is a far-more sophisticated device that’s utterly independent of anything you may ask of it – indeed, you never know exactly what Horatio may say," - I love it even more.
@ejsnowdon This already beats out every other smart speaker on the market. I WISH my google Home would respond "hamburger" to me asking the time. I need this
@aaronoleary maybe we can pool our resources and time share owning one
Is it really a product or hoax?
@musharofchy It's really a product, you can purchase it from the site linked! :D
this product got featured on product hunt?
@fajarsiddiq why would it not be?
@_jacksmith for me to know for you to find out