Hemingway Editor 2.0

An editor that makes your writing bold and clear

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I use Hemingway Editor as a gut check for all my creative copy. It's never going to replace real eyeballs on your work, but it's a wonderful first-pass tool. Go ahead. Give your words a spin!

I even used it on the sentences above:

Grade level: 2 (Good)

Reading Time: 00:00:08

Letters: 148

Words: 36

Sentences: 4


Simple, smart, user interface. Great gut-check app.


Not always accurate. Won't replace a true copy editor.

As I was used to academic writing, it was difficult for me to change my writing to more casual and simple. I did like long sentences and complex constructions but this service helped me to switch to semi-formal style needed for blog posts.


Helps to edit a final version of an essay to make it 'reader-friendly'


Haven't noticed

It doesn't work--nothing else to say.




It is not user friendly--doesn't work at all.