A 100% peer-to-peer video chat

Hello is a 100% peer-to-peer video chat created using WebRTC

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I'm a fan of no-registration tools like this. What, if any, of the video data is being sent to your servers, @vsnthv?
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@rrhoover No it is not sent anywhere. You can check it in the network tab of chrome developer tools to verify it :) Also, it is an open-source (https://github.com/vasanthv/hello). The idea is that the whole app is just a HTML page & an associated javascript file. You can host it in any server.
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Gonna test this in Dubai later today. UAE is notorious for blocking all VoIP apps. Even Appear.in is blocked here (it's WebRTC based too, AFAIK) Previously I managed to call friends via lesser known 2p2 call apps, but quality was not great. Let's see if this will work 😃
@ksaitor Sure. let me know the results.
@vsnthv does it work on mobile, btw?
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Do you believe this is good for podcast interviews? Been looking for an alternative to Google Hangouts and Slack (i dont have a great experienec with zencastr)