Harold And The Purple Crayon

Harold draws a landscape full of wonder & excitement

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Hunter Walk
Partner, Homebrew
A little boy draws the world he inhabits with his purple crayon. This simple picture book is the ultimate metaphor for product design. Don't be constrained by what you see in front of you. Don't ask "is this really possible" prematurely. Just imagine how it should look and use your talents to create that reality. When students want to know the traits a great product leader should possess I give them five. Three are simply the cost of entry -- smart, creative, energetic. The other two are more rare: curiosity and empathy. The desire to understand what you don't yet know and the ability to feel people's needs and reactions at an emotional level are so fundamental to product design. [btw, "what was your favorite book as a kid" is a great question to get to know someone. people will usually light up when waxing nostalgic about happy moments of childhood.]
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@hunterwalk There is no limit to what you can create... as long as it's purple :) This is one of my 2 year old's favorites.
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Jacqueline von Tesmar
Community at Product Hunt ⚡️
@alexdevkar @hunterwalk Mine too! I always liked how the book was small too.
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@jacqvon @hunterwalk so true! Harold and his purple crayon are legendary. A true classic 💁