Hardbound 2.0

Introducing The Nightcap, a quick visual summary of the news

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Hey Product Hunt! We're really excited to show you what we've been working on for the past couple months :) When we first launched Hardbound two months ago, we knew we wanted to expand the kinds of stories that were on our app as quickly as possible. It's hard to get a lot of use out of an app that only has new content once a week. So this update introduces our second "channel" into Hardbound, and it's called The Nightcap. The Nightcap is a quick, visual summary of the most important / interesting events that happen every day. I was interested in working on this because I've always felt like reading the news was kind of boring, and found it really hard to stay on top of what's happening. So The Nightcap is kind of like our regular weekly stories in that it seeks to really help you understand the news, and therefore make it much more interesting. We don't do original reporting (yet) but for now we just try to create a more succinct and satisfying explanation of the headlines that are already out there each day. For more details, read @willhoekenga's awesome blog post: https://medium.com/@willhoekenga... We hope you love it, and I'd love to get a discussion going here! If you have any questions or feedback I'd love to hear it. My question for you, to kick things off, is how do you currently keep up with the news? Is it important to you? Why? I'd love to learn from you! Thanks so much!
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@nbashaw It's great that The Nightcap is now on Hardbound!
@nbashaw looks great! I normally get my news from Twitter or email newsletters. Mainly try to stay informed on current events, while also understanding the "why" or "how" of larger stories. I've found that these deeper dives make me think more critically about issues - one of the more rewarding habits I've developed in 2016!
@nbashaw Congrats on a great launch! Was super excited to hear about The Nightcap when we met in NYC a couple weeks ago, I think it could really evolve how people interact with Hardbound. Will be interested to see how it impacts the quality of the stories which come out! 😃
@adammarx13 @apompliano @soulashell thanks for the feedback!! Glad you're enjoying it so far
@nbashaw about how I keep up with the news: I search for and read news articles for deep dives on specific subjects but i rely on a few apps for daily summaries of a broader spectrum.
I wish this was available on Android.
@nbashaw "Someday sounds a lot like the thing people say when they actually mean never." - Dolores (Westworld) :P
Has anyone found an app like Wildcard yet, which grouped news by topic? i.e. all posts about "Obama" + "healthcare" were under one tab featuring multiple sources. Or an app which separates actual facts to "we are reporting" = "we don't know anything and are functioning on hearsay" With that said, this looks interesting, to just take a glance at what the key trending topics are for the day, rather than be saturated with repetitive rubbish.
@mannyorduna Hey, thanks! Glad you like it :) I really like those ideas
This is great, looking forward to an Android version soon.
I've been loving The Nightcap. Before and after the election, it's proven a source of clarity and truth in my daily news digestion. I love that it's easily consumable, and gets rid of the unnecessary fluff contained within most news and kind of reminds me of Circa in that regard.
@heathwblack thank you!! 🙏🏼
@heathwblack Thanks, Heath! Much appreciated.