A daily shot of happiness via SMS in 160 characters ☺️

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looooongest iphone ever - is this the preview of the iPhone 8? haha Are you looking to do categories at some point in the future?
@bentossell Hah I know, right! And yes, we just might but no plans yet.
I'm a fan of Humblebot, a Slack bot that delivers positive, motivating recommendations every day.
@rrhoover Cool, looking good! At happytext we skipped the motivation part and go for that smile every morning! We heard that smiling people live longer ;D
Hi there! Jasper here, one of the Happytext founders. We thought it would be nice to create a texting service with a daily shot of happiness. Simple as that! Love to hear your thoughts.
@jaspervelferen To get some inspiration about what you can expect check the Facebook page @ https://www.facebook.com/gethapp...
A simple idea that looks fairly well executed - nicely done! Without sharing your super, top secret inner workings - how do you two manage what gets sent out as a "shot of happiness"? Do you guys have a couple days of feel-good stories that you then start adding to so it never runs out or is there an automated service that pulls a story and then sends it out that morning?
@kevinguebert Thanks for the compliments Kevin! :) We have our own team of happiness here. They check every message carefully before we send them out! A message needs to get 10 out of 10 smiles to pass our tests ;D
@bartw I think that's the best system anyone could've thought of 😹😹
Interesting concept. I would really love to know if it works out for you guys. Do people really sign up to your service trusting only a typeform form?
@ihatedotpink Thank you Stephanie! You are right that we can make the service more trustworthy but for now, people already do really sign up 😃