A Slack bot to help humans become a better person

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Hey there! I had some time over the holiday break and made this little Humblebot that sends me a message every morning in Slack on how I can be a better person.
@dosberg That's cool. Felt let's you send personal, handwritten cards. Sealed, stamped and mailed--All from your iPhone. Since thank you cards are bug right now for holiday gifts and receiving a birthday card can make someone's day, I thought you might dig it. Good luck with Humblebot. I'm installing it. - Were officially launching on Tuesday so please don't hunt us :)
@tomerlikehomer thank you for installing Humblebot, and good luck with Felt — looks awesome!
@dosberg Very cool! I just installed it and love it. Instead of getting a DM to myself, can I have Humblebot post the message into a specific channel everyday? Thanks!
@michaelrihani DM's only right now.
Love it and added to my Slack collection and one of our teams :)
@quinaluis great! Hopefully you find it useful.