Let the app pick a random place where your can eat! πŸ”

Hangry helps you pick a random place where you can eat!

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@rrhoover thank you! πŸ€˜πŸ™‚
Hey Producthunters, Hangry is a simple tool that chooses where you should go to eat today. #1stWorldProblems I made it in my endeavour to actually finish projects that I start working on. This is my first attempt ... starting small and will hopefully continue with releasing bigger things in the future. πŸ––
@roks0n Uber integration? 😁
@chrismessina I like it! I'll have a look at your api. :)
@roks0n ℹ️developer.uber.com
@chrismessina Uber integration βœ… I would love to hook UberEATS directly into Hangry so users could make orders through it, but as far as I can tell it's not yet available. Also I'll try to sort out an iOS app in the near future so I can implement that really nice Uber button to request a ride and more. 😊
@roks0n correct, no ETA for an EATS API yet.
Fun product with a cool name!
could make use of some awesome integrations (4sq, uber, etc) otherwise feels like a less in-your-face version of https://wtfsigte.com/
@poolnoodle93 great suggestions! Which one would you fine most useful 4sq or Uber? I think Uber integration would give much more value.
@roks0n 4sq 100%, i definitely care about the quality of food, if it's things nearby anyways i can just walk there / figure out how to get there myself
I'd watch out for: http://gethangry.com/ they have the trademark
@chrisbuttenham tnx for the heads up, really appreciate it! πŸ™‚