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Hey PH! I'm the co-founder and CEO of Halo. We've been in stealth for three years. Incredibly excited to unveil our first product through PH - Halo Sport. I'll be around all day to field questions. Keep them coming!
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@danielchao Super work! Quick question, sorry if it's dumb, but can this help me learn faster in other areas? Such as academics or help me think better when doing entrepreneurship stuff. Or is it mainly designed for increasing motor skills for athletes? Just curious as to what else it can be used for...
@dilyaraskar Great question. Halo Sport focuses on the part of the brain called the motor cortex. This area of the brain is both mission control and the battery that fires your muscles - ie, its critical for both athletic skill and strength. Importantly, the motor cortex is not a cognitive center, ie, it's not involved in attention, concentration, working memory, etc. This is not to say we're not interested in this! Stay tuned for product #2 :)
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@danielchao If you can tickle with one part of a human brain, I'm sure you will figure out how to tickle with the others ;) Haha, best wishes! P.S: If this were cheaper and I could get it in Canada, could I use this as a small steroids for working out? Would it help me lose fat more efficiently and grow muscle mass? #IdeaForUses
The most amazing thing you have ever seen on Product Hunt with zero exceptions.
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@amol I thought you were joking. You're not joking. And yet, this seems like a joke. It appears y'all did a good job coordinating an upvote campaign on PH, so I'm now awaiting some input from my fellow scientists.
@amol Very excited to see Halo finally taking off. First elite sport. Next the world.
@amol Wow, I must say I'm impressed. I post a photo and y'all posts photos around my photo to make my post less visible. Not kidding, I'm seriously impressed with your guys' PR skills on promoting your widget.
Hi all - I'm CTO and another co-founder. Thanks, everyone, for the kind words about our product. Like Dan said, we're thrilled to be here to field questions and share our excitement about bringing Halo Sport to the world.
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Halo Sport looks just like headphones, but it's actually the first technology of its kind for athletes. It uses pulses of energy to "prime" the brain for optimum physical performance, so athletes get more out of their training. The founders have decades of experience in neuroscience, and there are several pro sports teams and Olympic teams getting results already. Today, they're launching the "Halo Champions Program" to get Halo Sport into the hands of a select group weekend warriors. Halo team, care to tell us a bit more?
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@ericleepd Definitely. Eric - as a product designer, I thought you'd appreciate some of the finer products features of Halo Sport. First, our Primer design is a huge step up for the field. Gone are the days of sponges and gels. Primers consistently and easily make clean contact with the scalp, even through tough hair. Also, the ear pads are acoustically transparent. Almost all ear pads are acoustically insulating, which makes sense since they headphone makers want to optimize for music quality. For Halo Sport, it's more important for the user to be able to hear their coach/trainer and subtle auditory cues characteristic of their sport. Keep the questions coming!
@danielchao Hi Daniel, this looks fascinating. I'm curious about your primers, do they comb through the hairs as you put it on to make contact? You say gone are the days of sponges and gels, so I was wondering what does the "A spray bottle (for wetting Primers)" refers to? I'm also very curious if you have plans for future applications other than for athletes? Thanks!
Impressive. I'd love to have @tferriss thoughts about this !
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Thanks Jeremy! Me too.