Product Hunt for Online Programming Courses & Tutorials

Hackr.io makes learning to code easier and fun. Using Hackr.io, you can:

- Find the best online programming course/tutorial for the language you want to learn. All the tutorials are submitted and voted by the programming community, so you get the best recommendation.

- Find your programming buddy & learn any programming language/framework together.

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@gauravgupta The front page should start by listing actual entries, not categories. Otherwise, there's no actionable, interesting sounding content immediately accessible.
@joostschuur Point taken.
@gauravgupta @joostschuur This is good advice, my friends and I thought the same
@gauravgupta @joostschuur TOTALLY agree. You have got to ditch this directory structure. Note Product hunt's dating structure: today, yesterday, ... this is enough. Get everything up in a big list and let google suss it out. Don't send users ice-fishing. Second, getting everything in one list will increase the social game aspect of it. Or, imagine a scenario where someone is writing killer tutorials across languages. I want to see that person rise up the lists irrespective of what language their work is in. Third, the directory forces a certain kind of emphasis on languages and a smattering of apis. What if I'm more interested in programming concepts? Recursion, or I'm keeping an eye out for anything DSP related and I don't care what language or api, R, Numpy, Matlab, Python, etc, You're stomping that kind of user with the directory.
This seriously makes me want to learn programming...
@v4violetta give it a shot, it's addicting once you gain traction!
@v4violetta Lets ship it :)
Hey guys, founder here. Let me know your thoughts and feedback about Hackr.
@gauravgupta Hey! Just to give you a heads up, the link is taking me to http://hacker.io not http://hackr.io
@gauravgupta @itsmarkchaffey Thanks for pointing out. Its my bad while writing it down.
@gauravgupta @misbahspeaks no worries - really like the simplicity of the UI, it's going to be a very useful resource for me :)
@gauravgupta @itsmarkchaffey Cheers to the maker :)
Looks fantastic. I literally just finished programming something identical. You beat me to it!
@notrab Maybe we can work together on Hackr going forward? Let me know your thoughts.